Minimum Delivery Interval Days

Many businesses don’t deliver the orders on the same day because the order preparation required some time from the order. This option helps those businesses to set/bypass/skip the number of days they want.

Let say it with an example:
Today is the 24th of September and you want to allow the earliest delivery date (26th of September) after 2 days when any customer visits the website and tries to place an order.

Add 2 in the Minimum delivery interval days field to skip 2 days from the current day.

So customers can select the 26th of September from the delivery calendar as their preferred delivery date.

Check the below screenshot for the option in Shipping

Minimum Delivery Interval Days

The same option you’ll find in the Product Calendar add-on and Store Pickup & Local Delivery add-on.

Note: Please check how the minimum delivery interval days option effect with the “Inlcude holiday in interval” option from the below link
Include holiday in interval

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