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So finally you have decided to install the Order Delivery Date app in your store, right? Awesome. You have taken a brilliant decision. Now it’s in our hands to guide you from getting started with the app. So here is the complete step-by-step guide for you from installation to customization.

How to install Order Delivery Date in your store?

To install the Order Delivery Date app, follow the below steps:

Step 1: From the Shopify app store browse the app and open the page of the app, now you will see a button called “Add app” as shown in the screenshot below. Click on it.


Step 2: After clicking on the above step if you are not logged in your store then a popup will appear to enter your store URL. After login to your store, you will be redirected to a page as shown below. Read the lines detailing the access you will grant from Order Delivery Date, and click on the “Install app” button.


Step 3: After the above step, you can start your free trial by clicking on the “Start free trial” button.


Step 4: Now to make the Order Delivery Date app active on your store click “Enable”. Now the app is enabled in your store.


 Step 5: So congratulations finally the app is installed in your store now. Now you can customize your store the way you need it to be.


As seen in the screenshot above you will see many options that you can customize like settings, order listing, calendar, add-ons, change log.

Let’s see one by one.

1. Settings

App Settings

Under app settings you can customize the below things:

Time zone: You can change the time zone from the dropdown.
Disable date: This option allows you to choose specific dates on which delivery cannot be made.
Minimum delivery time interval days: Set minimum days required to deliver after the order is placed.
Maximum delivery days: Set the maximum days available for delivery.
Calendar header background color: You can change the header background color of the calendar.
Calendar header color: To change the header color of the calendar.
Cut-off time settings: You can active cut-off time with the checkbox and set specific delivery dates for delivery cannot be made.
Time settings: In this option, you can change the time format and set the padding time.

General settings

Under this option, you can change the date format, and display style of the calendar.

Thank you page

If you want to display the selected date and time on the thank you page then you can display them by ticking the checkbox.

Text settings

Here you can edit the calendar and timer heading, edit the text of the calendar in-line, add required notes in the message text, change the title shown on the thank you page, and translate days, months in your language.

Admin order texts

You can change the text of the order delivery date, day, and time with this option.

Now the next option of order listing. Let’s see what this option provides.

2.  Order listing

With this option, the admin can change the order status. If the order is fully completed then the admin can change the action to completed. When admin changes the order status from unfulfilled to fulfilled then the Order Delivery Date app will also change the order status to fulfillment automatically.

3. Calendar

Here you can view the order details on particular dates. By clicking on them you will get a popup showing the order details.

4. Add-ons

You can use add-ons i.e additional functionality that you need as per your requirement and only pay for the add-ons that you want to use.

  • Store pickup & local delivery: This add-on allows you your customer to place an order online and choose when and where they want to pick up their order.


  • Order limit: You can limit the number of orders that want to receive per time slot and per day.


  • Shipping price: With this add-on, you can calculate your shipping rates and set them on your app based on which date you need to increase or decrease your shipping rate.


  • Multiple cutoffs: You can edit and update multiple cutoffs in your store for engaging more users.


  • All order: As Shopify allows only access orders of 60 days with this add-on you can get all the orders of your store.


  • Google Calendar: With this add-on, you will be able to get your order details in your Google calendar as the Order Delivery Date app is synchronized with Google calendar.


  • Product calendar: With this add-on, once you have created a product calendar then your entire records of products will be displayed on that particular page.


5. Change log

In the change log,  store owners can see the new updates added in the Order Delivery Date app by us.

For further queries or doubts and to know more in detail you can read the FAQ of the app.

To read the complete guide on Order Delivery Date click here.

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