General Settings

Date Format

  • This option allows you to change the date format for order delivery to your customers.

Date and Time Required

  • This checkbox makes the selecting of delivery date and time mandatory

Mark order completed when order fulfilled completely

  • When the order is completely fulfilled, it will be marked as completed in our app automatically.

Hide Addition Checkout Button

  • It will hide the additional payment options like GPay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, ShopPay, etc until the delivery and time are not selected by the customer.
  • Once the delivery date and time have been selected, all payment options will become visible.

Auto-select first available date & time

  • When this option is enabled, the first available delivery date and time will be selected automatically from the calendar and time selector.

Select available date for abandoned checkout

  • If the customer does not select any date then the current available date and time will be added automatically to the order.
  • If the customer has selected the pass-out date and time then it will add automatically the currently available date in the order.
  • For ex: If a customer came to place an order on 25th Feb and selects 28th Feb for delivery and didn’t do the payment but after some days i.e. 1st of march he comes again and does the payment then it will select the currently available date and time as the selected delivery date is passed out.
Select available date for abandoned checkout will work with the new orders only.

Show selected date and time on Thank you page

  • The selected delivery date and time option will be shown on Thank you page.
Calendar Display Style
  • You can select the display style of the calendar as an input box or in-line.

Please check the options from the below screenshot

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