Product Availability

Product selection with availability date

Sometimes some products required a different availability based on the business need and some of them are required to be sold or not on some specific date.

This Product selection with the availability date option will help you to set up the working and not working dates for the specific product with the date selection.

Let me specify that the delivery settings for a specific product are available in our Product Calendar add-on but after using that add-on, the delivery selection option is moved to the individual product page and some merchants don’t agree with that.

Enable the option to set specific availability for the selected product from your website.

See the below list of options available in the Product selection with the availability date option:

  1. At least one product
  2. All products
  3. Allow dates
  4. Disabled dates
  5. Search products

Let’s do understand more on the above options

At least one product
This option will check whether the product is added to the cart or not to check for the availability dates.

For Example:
There are two (Product A and Product B) products added to the cart and Product A is also added to the At least one product option, then the delivery dates will be shown according to the date selected in Product A.

I have selected 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 August from the Allow dates for my example (2. New badge product) product. So when I have this product added to the cart, I can only able to pick one of the 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 dates however it doesn’t matter how many products are in my cart.


Available date

If I switch to the Disabled date option, I am not able to select 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 dates from the calendar while the selected product is in the cart.

Disabled date admin - atleast

Disable date - atleast

All products
When this option is selected, it matches all the products that have been added in the Allow date or Disable date with the items added to the cart.

For example:
If I have added a product (2. New badge product) in Allow date along with 15, 16, and 17 dates and in the cart added the same product. So when I have only a single product in the cart, I would be able to see the dates selected for that product in the cart. But as soon as I add another product, I will get an error to show that the product is not available for delivery.

All products - Allow

All product - Allow

The same result we’ll see in the Disable dates option while using the All products option. If I add 15, 16, and 17 dates in the Disable dates, I can’t select those dates from the delivery selection on the cart page.

All products - Disable admin

All products - Disable

Search product
Search the product using search option in which you want to add custom availability.

Product availability with date – Shipping

Go to the app Dashboard > Settings > Shipping

Product availability date - Shipping

Product availability with date – Store Pickup

Go to the app Dashboard > Settings > Locations > Add/edit location > Store Pickup

Availability - Store pickup

Product availability with date – Local Delivery

Go to the app Dashboard > Settings > Locations > Add/edit location > Local Delivery

Availability - Local delivery