Calendar Placement

Now the wait is over you can directly change the position of the calendar on the cart page, or cart drawer by using our Calendar Placement option.

To enable the option please follow the below steps:

→ Log in as admin to the website and go to the apps page.
→ Select the Order Delivery Date app.
→ Go to the Settings > General Settings.
→ Look for the Calendar Placement and check the option in which you want to change the calendar placement.
→ After enabling the options click on the Save button before clicking on the Run Wizard button.
→ Click on the Run wizard button and it will redirect you to the storefront and then by using this option you can change the position.

→ Take a look at the following image to enable the option

Calendar placement

Note: If you are looking to display a calendar on the theme side cart then please check the On cart drawer option from General Settings> Save> Run wizard compulsory.