Product Delivery Scheduler

Show Delivery Date on Each Product Page.

→ Now the wait is over, we brought a new addon that adds the capability to display the Delivery Calendar to the product page.

Global Settings: This option applies default calendar settings to all the products. Under Global settings, you can find 3 options i.e General settings, time settings, text, and language settings.

1. General Settings
Disable date: You can set dates on which delivery date cannot be made.
Apply disable dates for all the enabled products: By enabling this option, the disable date you select will be applied to all the enabled products.
Minimum delivery interval days: Minimum required days to place the order delivery.
Maximum delivery days: Maximum required days to place the order delivery.
Calendar header background color: You can change the background color of the calendar header.
Calendar header color: You can change the header color of the calendar.
Date and time required: By enabling this option you can show the date and time required in the calendar.
Include holiday in interval: You can show/hide include holiday in interval option.
Auto select first available date and time: When this option is enabled, the first available delivery date and time will be selected automatically from the calendar and time selector.
Available days: You can select the available days for order delivery.
First day of calendar: You can select the first day of the calendar.
Calendar display style: You can change the display style of the calendar.

2. Time settings
Active cut-off time: You can set the time after which you are looking to hide same-day delivery.
Enable delivery time: To use the time slots you need to enable this option.
Order buffer time: Buffer time is applicable only for default and slot-wise time format. You can hide slots before given minutes in settings. If you are using Minimum Delivery Days then it is also applicable with settings.
Hide slots according to current time: Enabling this option will hide the slots according to the current time of your timezone. Applicable for default and slot-wise time format.
Time format: You can select the time format from default, all days, or slot-wise.
3. Text/Language settings
Calendar and timer text: You can change the calendar and timer text with this option.
Edit cart page text: This option allows you to edit the cart page text.
Message text: You can change the required message text.
Months: You can change the text of months.
Days: You can change the text of days.

  • Product Wise Calendar Settings: This option applies different settings to each and every product you saved.

Product settings - Product Delivery Scheduler

→ Compatible with below-listed addons

→ Now, you can show a different calendar setting to the specific products and as well as hide the calendar on specific products.
To read the complete guide on the Product Calendar add-on click here.