Product Limit

Order restriction is here now for products!

→ Now the wait is over, we have brought a new add-on that adds the capability to limit based on the products that can be placed for the particular product.

→ Right to each product, the product limit option will be displayed to set the limit number for that product.

For example

You have 10 products and you need to set a limit for any of the particular products you can set it.

  1. Product A – 10 limit: It will set the 10 quantity limits of that product for each day.
  2. Product B – 5 limit: It will set the 5 quantity limits of that product for each day.
  3. Product C – 0 limit: There will be a zero (0) limit set for this product. So you can buy that product till the stock is available

→ So when any customer will try to buy over the limit of the product, they’ll see the “Out of stock” message or whatever you set from the settings on the cart page after selecting the delivery date and the checkout button will be disabled.

Note: This addon is not supported with product calendar addon and order limit addon.

→ Check the below screenshot of the Product Limit addon.

Product limit - ODD

Installation process

Let’s understand how you can install the Product limit add-on
→ Go to the app dashboard and click on the add-ons menu (button) from the top menu
→ Find/look for the Product Limit add-on from the add-on lists
→ Click on the Install button to install the add-on
→ Accept the billing charge of the app with new pricing including the Delivery app and product limit add-on

→Let’s take a quick view of the installation process

Functionality of add-on

Enable product limit feature

→ Select product limit from the Settings dropdown
→ Click on enable button to enable the product limit feature

Enable Product Limit - ODD

Set product quantity limit to buy only on the assigned quantity of the product by its variant

→ Search for the product which you want to limit from the listing
→ Set the amount of quantity to buy
→ Set product limit by all product’s variant

Product limit setup - ODD

Edit/Update product limit

→ Change the amount/value of the quantity to update the limit of the product

Update Product Limit - ODD

Delete/Remove limit from the product

→ Find the product from which the limit should remove
→ Click on the Delete icon to remove the limit from it

Remove product limit - ODD

Check the result here

Out of stock - Order Limit