Order Limit

Order restriction is here now for delivery time slots!

→ Now the wait is over, we brought a new addon that adds the capability to limit the number of orders that can be placed for the time slots you have with our app.

→ Right to each time slot, the order limit option will be added to set the order limit number.
For example
You have 5-time slots as per the following and you want to allow 50 orders for the day.

  • 08AM to 09AM
  • 09 AM to 10 AM
  • 10 AM to 11 AM
  • 02 PM to 03 PM
  • 04 PM to 05 PM

You can assign 10 orders to each time slot to achieve the 50 orders total for the day.
Note: This feature will works with only Slot wise time format.

→ Check the below screenshot of the settings of the Order Limit addon.

Order Limit

Limitations of Order Limit add-on

If you found that the orders are placed out of limit then might there will be below causes:

1. If the store owner changes the time slot:
– Customers have placed the order for future dates meanwhile if the store owner changes the time slot then the order limit will be set again for that particular time slot.
– Once the Order limit is reached for the particular time slot and the store owner changes the number of order limit again.

2. In case, there is more than one customer selecting the delivery slot at a time, all are selecting the same slot for the delivery and proceeding for the checkout and placed the order, in that circumstances orders come out of the limit.

To read the complete guide on the Order Limit add-on click here.