How Can I Add Free Shipping Rules to Progress Bar?

Currently, there is no option to set rules for applying shipping based on the customer location. We have this feature added in the future update lists and will be going to implement that shortly in the app. So you can apply rules to the free shipping discount in the Progress Bar widget.

How you can set a rule for a free shipping discount?

You can set a Free Shipping discount by using our Discount Widget and set rules to that widget so when a customer meets the rules set, they can see that widget visible and can apply that discount from the cart drawer.

Setup a discount widget for free shipping based on the location:

→ Add a discount widget to the card drawer.
→ Setup the discount text as per your convenience to show in the cart drawer.
→ Select Free Shipping from discount type to offer free shipping.
→ Set cart amount when should free shipping applies.
→ The discount name adds below to the subtotal amount after applying free shipping.
→ Discount success message.
→ Discount error message.

Navigate to the Rules option after doing the general settings of the discount widget to set rules.

→ Select user location from the parameter option.
→ Select country is from the condition option
→ Enter/Select the country name in which you want to give free shipping

Please view the below video for the detailed setup of Free Shipping using the discount widget: