What pricing plans are available in this app?

→ We offer 14-days of free trial for all Shopify plan stores, except the Partner Stores; it’s free for Partner Stores. Free-trial is inclusive of all features and widgets. Below pricing plan would be applicable, post free-trial.

Store orders Features Pricing in USD($)
0 – 50 Up to 50 orders  + Full features 9.99
51 – 200 Up to 200 orders  + Full features 19.99
201 – 500 Up to 500 orders  + Full features 39.99
501 – 2000 Up to 2000 orders  + Full features 69.99
2000+ More than 2000 orders  + Full features 99.99

➝ It is important to note that a fixed charge of $9.99 will be applied regardless of whether your store receives any orders or not. This means that even your store has 0 sales during a month, you will still incur this charge.

[Latest Version 12: Released on 19th of December 2023]

➝ The latest pricing plan calculates app charges accounting all the Shopify store orders.

To check the previous/old pricing plans of the app to compare, please visit this link.

➝ To switch to the new pricing plan, kindly reinstall the app – ensuring seamless transition to new pricing structure.

Note: Kindly rest assure that your store’s app settings will remain unchanged upon reinstallation.