What pricing plans are available in this app?

→ The iCart app offers 14 days free trial for all shopify stores except Shopify partner stores because it’s free for for Shopify partner stores with all the features and widgets available in the app. You will be charged based on your Shopify plan according to the below app pricing plans.

Shopify Store Plan Features
Pricing in USD($)
Monthly Yearly
Partners Full features Free Free
Basic Full features 9.99 100
Shopify Full features 19.99 200
Advance, Custom Full features 39.99 400
Shopify Plus Full features 69.99 700

➝ We have included yearly pricing to our pricing plan. Now, you have the ability to select the app plan for month or year.

[Latest Version 11.2: Released on 14th of September 2023]
➝ We newly added yearly plan for the app.
➝ Now, the app charges will apply based on your Shopify store plan. To know about the Shopify plan, please visit this link.

To check the previous/old pricing plans of the app to compare, please visit this link.

➝ In order to proceed with the new app pricing plan, we kindly suggest reinstalling the app on your store. This will ensure that the changes associated with the new pricing plan take effect seamlessly.

Note: We would like to assure you that your app settings will remain the same after reinstalling the application. Therefore, we encourage you to reinstall the app without any hesitation.