What pricing plans are available in this app?

→ The iCart app is free to use for 14 days with all the features and widgets available in the app. You will be charged after 14 days according the below pricing plans.

Store orders Features Pricing in USD($)
0 – 200 Up to 200 orders  + Full features 19.99
201 – 500 Up to 500 orders  + Full features 29.99
501 – 2000 Up to 2000 orders  + Full features 49.99
2000+ More than 2000 orders  + Full features 69.99
Note: Daily we update the currency rate in our database from CurrencyLayer
Pricing will be counted on the orders that have been placed in the store.

➝ We have made some changes to our pricing plan. The old app pricing plan was based on the revenue generated from the app and the new app pricing is based on the store orders.

[Latest Version 4: Released on 4 May 2022]
So from this time period, the stores that installed the app will be applicable for the new pricing plan which is a 14-day free trial, and after a free trial, your store will be charged according to the above pricing plan.

[Version 3: Released on 7 February 2022]
The stores that installed the app between 7th Feb 2022 to 4th May 2022 have the pricing plan which has the first 50 Orders free.

[Version 2: Released on 3 December 2021]
The stores that installed the app between 3rd Dec 2021 to 7th Feb 2022 have the pricing plan which has free 50 Orders/Month.

[Version 1]
The stores that installed the app before 3rd Dec 2021 have the pricing plan which was on app revenue-based.

➝ If you want to continue with the new app pricing plan, we recommend you to reinstall the app on your store to affect with a new app pricing plan.

Note: Your app settings will stay as it was before after reinstalling the app so don’t be hesitated in reinstalling the app.

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