Product recommendation

Show product recommendations on your store to increase conversions & revenue.

The following settings were added to the Product Recommendation widget.

  • Widget heading
  • Title
  • Select Collection
  • Layout
  • Product option
  • Discount
  • Timer limited offer
  • Price to display
  • Add to cart button

Let’s understand the widget options in detail.

Widget heading

Widget heading is useful to differentiate when you see the all widgets list in the editor so if you use multiple widgets having the same feature, you can get what you have added from the heading.


The title is the name of the heading to your widgets when you see the result in the front cart drawer. Let’s see this option result on the front side by an image screenshot.

→ Options in the title

  • Show/hide title
  • Heading background color
  • Widget background color
Select collection

Select option to show the product from

  • Shopify recommendation
  • Custom collection

Shopify recommendation

Products will show according to the product collection added to the cart. There are few more options when you select this option,

  • Exclude tags
  • Hide product that is already in the cart
  • Loader text

Exclude tags: Product(s) will be excluded from the recommend product that has the same tag added in this option.
Hide products that are already in the cart: When this option is enabled, the product will be hidden from the recommended list if it found added in the cart.
Loader text: Product recommendations might take time to load the products so in the meantime, the text is added in this field will show.

Select Collection - iCart

Custom collection

This allows you to select the collections you have been added to your website to show the recommended product and can show the product in recommend as you want.

When selecting this option, you’ll get the following options:

  • Select collection
  • Exclusion tags
  • Hide product that is already in the cart

Select collection: will show all the collection lists to select one of them for showing products in product recommendations.
Exclude tags: Product(s) will be excluded from the recommend product that has the same tag added in this option.
Hide product that is already in the cart: When this option is enabled, the product will be hide from the recommended list if it found added to the cart.

Custom collection - iCart


The layout has the following options:

  • Layout- List or Grid
  • Products per row
  • Number of products
  • Arrow color

Layout: There are two option for layout 01) List and 02) Grid

List View

Layout - List View - iCart

Grid View

Layout - Grid View - iCart

Product per row: Allows showing how many products per row. The value limit is from 1 to 3.

A number of products: Set the value from 1 to 10 when the “Shopify recommended” option selected. In the “Custom collection” option is selected, the value will be from 12 to 60 products.

Arrow color: Change the color of the navigation arrow.

Product options

The following options are available

  • Show variant selection
  • Show vendor
  • Product title color

Discount Type

There are four discount types are available in this widget.

  • Free Shipping: This will apply to the entire order
  • Percentage: apply the discount in percentage to the product added from the Product Recommend widget
  • Fixed amount per item added: Discount will be applied on per product quantity like if you have added X amount in this option, that will be applied on each product quantity even when the customer will increase the quantity to two then discount of X will apply twice on the same product.
  • Fixed amount: Discount will apply on all products individually like if you have added x discount in this option, that X amount will about apply to the product price once. So if the customer will increase the quantity then still the X amount will be applied once.

Only apply for item price over option will be visible when you select Fixed amount per item added or Fixed amount option from the Discount Type option that will set a condition to apply the discount when it’s true.
– For example:
If you have set 100 value in this field then the discount will be applied when the product price is 100.

Discount value

Enter the value of the discount you want to give to your customer.

Discount name

The discount name will be the tag added to the card drawer as a discount.

Timer limited offer

Add a time limit to the offer Enable disable the timer for the offer.
When the above option is enabled the following options will appear:

  • Text Add text with the timer
  • Text placement has four options: Right to the timer, left to the timer, above timer, and below the timer.
  • Timer location has two options: Above button and Below button
  • Timer duration is in minutes
  • Timer text color
  • Timer background color
  • When timer runout has two options: Hide widget, Show message & disable discount button, Hide timer, and Reset timer.
Price to display

The following options will be found under this option.
Price to display

  • Store price only
  • Store compare to price & store price
  • Store compare to price & price including discount
  • Store price & price including discount

Compare to price color
Selling color

Add to cart button

There are three options that are available under this setting.

  • Button text
  • Button background color
  • Button text color