Cart Items

Cart items that have been added to the cart will show in this widget along with the product upsells.

The following settings were added to the Product Upsell widget.

  • Widget heading
  • Title
  • Product option
  • Prices to display
  • Subtotal options
  • Cart discount settings
  • Coupon Code Settings
  • Star Reviews – Integration
  • Cart empty message

Let’s understand the widget options in detail.

Widget heading

The widget heading is useful to differentiate when you see the all widgets list in the editor so if you use multiple widgets having the same feature, you can get what you have added from the heading.


The title is the name of the heading to your widgets when you see the result in the front cart drawer. Let’s see this option result on the front side by an image screenshot.

→ Options in the title

  • Show/hide title
  • Heading background color
  • Widget background color
Cart Urgency

Add time limit for customers to purchase the product from the store in limited time by cart urgency, add offers from other widgets to complete the order purchase in several time.

→ Options available in Cart Urgency:

  • Enable cart urgency – Check the option to enable the cart urgency.
  • Urgency time duration – Set time in minutes for cart urgency
  • Urgency time message – Enter a message to the aware customer about the urgency timer/cart urgency.
  • When the timer run out – Below are the available options, choose one of them to perform once the timer was run out.
    1. Do Nothing
    2. Hide the timer and show the message
    3. Reset timer
    4. Clear the cart and go to the homepage
    5. Go to the homepage without clearing the cart
    6. Delete all item and reload the page

Cart Urgency - iCart

Product options

Product options have several more options to configure the cart items as follows:

  • Show variant
  • Show quantity picker
  • Show vendor
  • Product title color
  • Variant title color
  • Vendor color
  • Remove button text
  • Remove button color

Product Options - Cart Items - iCart

Prices to display
  • Display compare to price
  • Compare to price color
  • Selling color
Subtotal options
  • Cart subtotal text
  • Cart subtotal color
  • Cart subtotal size
  • Cart total color
  • Cart total size
Cart discount settings
  • Discount tag text color
  • Discount tag background color
  • Close button color
  • Discount tag SVG color
  • Discount select default text color
  • Discount taxt
  • Discount color
  • Discount size
  • Discount total color
  • Discount total size
Coupon Code Settings

By using this option, your customers can apply coupon codes created from shopify. Enable this option to apply the coupon codes you created for your website visitor/customers.

  • Add coupon code – by using this option, customers can apply coupon codes generated from shopify.
  • Add button text – Enter a text to show to enable coupon code option.
  • Close button text – Text to show the button to hide the coupon code option.
  • Button text color – Color option for the close button text.
  • Apply button text – Text for submit button of the coupon code.
  • Apply button text color – Text color of apply/submit button.
  • Apply button background color – Background color of apply/submit button.
  • Placeholder text – Placeholder text for the input of the coupon field.
  • Error message – Error message text show when anyone clicks on the submit button without entering the coupon code.

For a quick view of the above option, please take a look at the below video.

Star Reviews – Integration

Cart empty message

Set the message to show when the cart is empty.

Product Upsell