SideCart Builder

SideCart builder instruction – Introduction to the iCart builder

 In Shopify, the cart page is a very powerful weapon for generating additional sales.

The control panel (on the left)

The control panel is built out of 2 components:

  1. The “Widgets”
    • This area controls every element that has a specific location in the side cart.
  1. The “General Settings” 
    • This area controls all the elements that are not related to a certain part of the page and will not be considered as widgets. The drag & drop option is irrelevant for these elements (example: bubble cart icon)

The Preview Area

→ In the preview area, you’ll be able to see all the changes that you make instantly, you’ll see all the widgets you’ll add in addition to Shopify’s mandatory sections. Play with all the features and locations until you reach your desired result.

→ On the bottom right corner, you’ll also find our messenger live chat in case you need help.

The control panel (on the left)

→ Now that you know how to control the page builder interface, dive deep into each widget and feature available to you.

→ To add a new element, click on “Widgets” in the control panel. Inside the area click the “Add section” button, choose from a list of all the available elements, select widget and if you want to add it, click the “Add” button.

→ After adding a new element, you can click the element to edit its settings. You can also click the 6 dots icon to drag it and drop it in your desired location. And the eye icon to hide the element without deleting it.

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