General setting

General settings from the app enable some more configurations for the sticky cart.

Let’s check which additional settings are available:

  • Cart header
  • General settings
  • Cart bubble settings

Let’s explore the options one by one:

Cart header

Cart header has the following options

  • Cart header text
  • Cart header text color
  • Cart header size

Cart Header - iCart

General settings

There is “Maximum number of widgets to display” option available which restrict the number of widgets in the cart drawer.

Cart bubble settings
  • Show cart bubble (sticky cart) – Show / hide the cart sticky icon
  • Cart icon – Change the cart icon
  • Cart bubble color – Change color to the cart bubble
  • Cart bubble icon color – Change cart bubble icon color
  • Cart bubble position – Cahnge the cart bubble position to Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right
  • Spacing for bubble position – Give space from top, right, bottom, and left side
  • Show cart icon count bubble – Show the number of items added in the cart
  • Cart bubble background color
  • Cart bubble item text color

Cart Bubble Icon Setting - iCart