Checkout button

The checkout button is used for doing the checkout and you can show some product upsells in that widget to offer different offers.
The following settings were added to the Checkout widget.

  • Widget heading
  • Title
  • Terms and condition
  • Settings

Let’s understand the widget options in detail.

Widget heading

Widget heading helps to differentiate your widget so that you can easily identify your widget from the widget list in the editor.


The title is the name of the heading to your widget that will be displayed in the front cart drawer. Also, you can show/hide the title, change the heading background color, widget background color.

Terms and conditions
  • Show/hide terms and conditions: With this option, you can show or hide the terms and conditions option in the side cart before checkout.
  • Checkbox is required for checkout? This option allows you to enable or disable the checkbox for checkout.
  • Terms and conditions text: Here you can add the text for your terms and conditions agreement.
  •  Terms and conditions error message: Here you can add the text that shows up as the error message if the customer has not agreed to the terms and conditions and checkbox.terms-and-conditions-icart
  • Button text: Use [cart-subtotal] short code to display cart subtotal with checkout button.
  • Button background color: With this option, you can change the background color of the checkout button.
  • Button text color: With this option, you can change the text color of the checkout button.

Also, you can make the checkout button sticky either on top, bottom, or none. Also, you can enable order notes for your customers which allow them to write any notes for their order.

Other upsell
Here you can add another product for upselling in the checkout widget. To know more about the product upsell widget refer to this guide.
Delete widget
If you want to delete the widget then click on the delete widget button.