iCart offers you a template with the following widgets as shown below:

  1. Progress Bar
  2. Cart Items
  3. Product Upsell
  4. Product Recommendation
  5. Discount
  6. Checkout Button


1) Progress Bar

→ Motivate your customer to earn more offers by adding more items or value to their cart. Read the guide to know How to customize the Progress Bar widget?


2) Cart items

→ Customize the cart items and show some more products for more sales. Know more about how to customize the cart item widget.


3) Product Upsell

→ Add a product that you like to show for upselling and let your customers buy/order it with the product added to the cart. Know more about how the product upsell widget works.


4) Product Recommendation

→ Add the products that you want to recommend to your customers in the cart drawer. Read more to know how the product recommendation widget works.


5) Discount

→ Create a discount offer for your customers and let them know how they can be eligible for the discount. Know how the discount widget works.


6) Checkout Button

→ Design the checkout button and redirect users to the checkout with the added cart items. How to customize the Checkout button widget?