Template design

The Template Design feature empowers store owners to select a design template according to their preferences. This feature allows owners to choose from various design options to enhance the attractiveness of their offers on the store. Additionally, owners can customize the colors of the selected template to align with the overall look and feel of their store website.

How it Works

Selection of Design Template

Store owners have the flexibility to choose a design template that best suits their preferences and aligns with their branding strategy. These templates are designed to make offers more visually appealing and attractive to customers.

Customization of Colors

Owners can further customize the chosen template by adjusting the colors to match the branding and aesthetics of their store website. This ensures consistency in design across the entire website and offers a cohesive user experience.

Template - Wholesale

In summary, the Template Design feature provides owners with the tools to select and customize design templates for their offers, enabling them to create visually appealing and cohesive promotional materials that align with their brand identity and enhance the overall user experience on their store website.