Registration list

Upon accessing the registration list page in the Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing Shopify app, you gain insight into all registration requests submitted via the registration page sent to customers for company registration. This feature streamlines the process of managing and reviewing company registration requests, facilitating efficient onboarding of new business partners.

Viewing Registration Requests

Navigate to the registration list page to view a comprehensive list of all registration requests received from your customers. Each entry in the list corresponds to a company registration request submitted through the registration page. Here, you’ll find key details such as the company name, registration status, and available actions for further processing.

Understanding list column

Within the registration list, columns display essential information for each registration request. These include:

Company Name: Identifies the name of the company requesting registration.
Status: Indicates the current status of the registration request, providing insight into its progress or disposition. You can also sort this column in approve and decline order.
Action: Provides options for interacting with each registration request, facilitating efficient management and decision-making.

Taking action on registration request

Utilize the action column to perform various actions on individual registration requests:

Accept or Reject: Review each registration request and choose to accept or reject it based on your company’s policies and criteria. This action enables you to efficiently process registration requests and onboard new company for creating B2B offer.
Delete: Remove unwanted or invalid registration requests from the list by selecting the delete button. This action helps maintain a clean and organized registration list, ensuring that only relevant and valid requests are processed.

Registration list - Wholesale

By leveraging the registration list page in the Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing Shopify app, you can streamline the process of managing company registration requests. From reviewing and accepting registrations to deleting invalid requests, this feature empowers merchants to efficiently onboard new business partners and maintain a structured and organized registration process.