Registration Language

The Registration Language feature offers a fully customizable registration form, providing tailored solutions for your specific requirements. This feature empowers you to personalize various elements of the registration process, including the form’s title, sub-title, buttons, and captions, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred language.

How it Works

When sending the registration form link to clients, they can easily register by entering their details along with their company information. This registration process grants them access to exclusive discount offers created specifically for registered customers and their associated companies.

Benefit to Clients

Clients can tailor the registration form to suit their linguistic preferences, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

By filling out the form, clients gain access to personalized discount offers, enhancing their shopping experience.

The registration process accommodates company information, catering to diverse business needs.

Admin option

Registration language - Wholesale

Result on preview the link

Registration Language - Wholesale

In summary, the Registration Language feature empowers clients to customize their registration forms, facilitating seamless communication in their preferred language and unlocking exclusive benefits tailored to their needs.

Note: When the registration form is submitted, if you try to open the link again, a new registration page will be displayed. If clients wish to edit their form or add additional customers on their behalf for their company, they need to contact the store owner.

Furthermore, when a form is submitted by customers, the store owner needs to approve it for the customer to be considered in your store.

Registration list - Wholesale

Don’t worry, if the user is added in the registration form who is not an existing customer of your website, upon approval we’ll create their new customer account in shopify as well and add to the company in our app.