D2C Offer

D2C stands for “Direct-to-Consumer,” and it represents a business model where companies sell their products or services directly to end consumers, bypassing traditional distribution channels and intermediaries. In a D2C model, the brand or manufacturer engages directly with the consumer, managing the entire process from production to sales and customer relationships.

In this document, I will explain how to create a D2C discount type. Here are the steps:

Set offer name, priority, and Type

Offer Name: Provide a name for the offer that reflects your current store promotions for customers.

Priority: Assign a priority level to the offer. Discounts will be applied based on the priority you set. Keep in mind that you cannot assign the same priority to different offers.

Offer Type: Choose D2C as the offer type. If you’ve previously created a D2C discount offer during the onboarding process, the offer type will be set accordingly by default.

Set Offer Name Priority and Type - D2C Offer

Select customer

All non-login Customers: If you select this option, all your non-login customers will see the discounted prices that you have set in the D2C offer.

All login customers: If you select this option, all your login users will see the discounted prices.
Notes: If any login user is part of a company, they will not see this offer. Such customers can view the B2B offer that you have already created.

To specific customers: If you choose ‘Specific Customers,’ you can select particular customers who will qualify for the discount offers. In this case, not all customers will receive the discount offer. Additionally, you can include or exclude specific customers for the created offer.

Specific customer - All non-login - Wholesale

Select catalogs

→ If you haven’t created a catalog, you can create one from the offer, and if you’ve already created one, you can browse it.

Select Catalog - D2C Offer

→ To create a catalog, add a catalog name and locations. After this process, you can add products to that catalog by clicking ‘View all products.’ Then, select the specific products with variants that you want to apply a discount to and save it.

→ When you save all the processes, you can view the selected products chosen for that created catalog. You can add volume pricing for each product and its variants. When you click the ‘Add’ button, the volume pricing box will open, and you can set pricing in percentage, amount, and flat-rate discount. Set this discount for that particular product, and you are done.

Cart value

Functions the same way as Wholesale/Volume discount.

Can value condition - Wholesale

Widget Position

Functions the same way as Wholesale/Volume discount.

Widget position - Wholesale