Upon accessing the settings page of the Wholesale Hero and B2B Pricing Shopify app, merchants are presented with a range of options for fine-tuning and configuring the app to meet their specific business needs. Let’s explore the available settings in detail to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

App status

Begin by navigating to the “App Status” section, where you have the ability to enable or disable the app with a simple toggle button. This feature allows you to quickly activate or deactivate the app’s functionality as needed, providing flexibility and control over its operation.

App Status - Whoelsale


Within the “Settings” section, you can encounter a variety of configuration options to customize the app according to their preferences. These options include:

Registration Language
Customize the language used for registration forms and communication within the app to cater to your target audience effectively.

Template Design
Tailor the design and layout of templates used within the app to align with your brand aesthetic and visual identity, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance.

Developer Option
Access advanced settings and developer features for enhanced customization capabilities, catering to the needs of more advanced users.

Location Popup Setting
Configure the appearance of location within the app to optimize user experience.

Settings - Whoelsale

Order Type for Checkout

Lastly, specify the preferred order type when proceeding to checkout through the app. Whether you prioritize wholesale, B2B pricing, or other specific order types, this setting ensures a seamless checkout process tailored to your business model and customer requirements.

When our app applies a discount, it generates a draft order. However, in a draft order, your customers won’t be able to apply Shopify discounts on the checkout page. To resolve this, you can change the order type from draft to normal in the settings.

Additionally, some other features are not supported with draft orders, as mentioned in the app. Therefore, you can adjust the order type according to your needs.

When you change the order type from draft to normal, you’ll need to manually enable the option to combine Shopify free shipping coupon codes with discount coupon codes. Furthermore, by enabling another option, both the discount from the Subscription app and the Wholesale app will be applied.

Order type for checkout - Wholesale

By leveraging the comprehensive settings available within the Wholesale Hero and B2B Pricing Shopify app, merchants can customize and optimize their app experience to drive business growth and enhance customer satisfaction. From enabling app functionality to fine-tuning registration language and template design, these settings empower merchants to tailor the app to their unique business needs with precision and ease.