Wholesale Offer

In this document, I will explain how to create a wholesale discount type. Here are the steps:

Now, let’s delve into the details of each feature:

Set offer name, priority, and Type.

Offer Name: Provide a name for the offer that reflects your current store promotions for customers.
Priority: Assign a priority level to the offer. Discounts will be applied based on the priority you set. Keep in mind that you cannot assign the same priority to different offers.
Offer Type: Choose between Volume or Wholesale as the offer type. If you’ve previously created a wholesale discount offer during the onboarding process, the offer type will be set accordingly by default.

Set Name Priority Type - Wholesale Offer

Set discount offer.

Custom Text: You have the option to include specific instructions for your discount offers and add any notes that pertain to your offers.

➝ 3 types of discount offer that you can set in your offer. (1) Percentage (2) Amount (3) Flat-Rate discount

01. Percentage: You can create discount offers based on a percentage.
For example, if you want to offer a 10% discount on a purchase of 50 items, you can specify the quantity and set the discount at 10% in percentage. When customers reach a quantity of 50 or more, a 10% discount will be applied.

02. Amount: You can set a custom price for the products.
For example, if you want to set a custom price of $200 per items/quantity for a purchase of 50 items, you can specify the quantity and set the price as $200 per items/quantity. When customers buy 50 or more items, the price will be $200 per items/quantity.

03. Flat-Rate discount: A Flat-Rate discount is a type of discount where a fixed amount is subtracted from the original price of a product.
For example, if you want to offer a $100 discount on a purchase of 50 items, you can specify the quantity and set the discount at $100 in the Flat-Rate discount. When customers purchase 50 or more items, $100 will be deducted from the total order amount.

Set Wholesale Offer - Wholesale

Apply to all products and specific products

➝ You have the flexibility to apply offers to either all products or specific products.
All Products: When you choose ‘All Products,’ the discount will be applied to every product.
Specific Products: For specific products, you can configure discounts. You can include or exclude products according to your preferences.

Apply to - Wholesale Offer

Select customer

➝ When creating discount offers, you have the option to select specific customer groups to whom these discounts will apply. This way, only the chosen customers will receive the added discounts.
01. All Non-Login Customers: By selecting ‘All Non-Login Customers,’ all customers who have not logged in will be eligible for the discount.
02. All Login Customers: If you chose logged-in users, only customers who are logged in will be able to avail of the discount.
(Customer(s) added in the company will be excluded from here.)
03. Specific Customers: If you opt for ‘Specific Customers,’ you can choose particular customers who will qualify for the discount offers. In this case, not all customers will receive the discount offer.

Select Customer - Wholesale

Cart Value

➝ You have the option to set a discount based on the cart’s total value. You can specify both a minimum and a maximum amount for the cart value. When a customer’s cart reaches these specified amounts, a discount will be applied.
For example, if you set a $50 minimum value, customers will receive a discount when their cart value reaches $50 or more. Similarly, if you set both a $50 minimum and a $100 maximum, customers will be eligible for a discount when their cart value falls between $50 and $100.

Can value condition - Wholesale

Widget Position

➝ You can configure the placement of the discount widget where your offers are displayed. You have the option to position it either above the ‘Add to Cart’ button or below the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Additionally, you can choose custom positions for the widget.

Widget position - Wholesale

Note on PDP

➝ You have the ability to include notes with customer names for specific and logged-in users. You can compose offer text and utilize the {Name_login} variable to incorporate dynamic values.

Total users

➝ This option is associated with specific customers. When you select specific customers for offers, the customer counts and names will be displayed in the ‘Total Users’ option.