Installation process

Let’s understand how you do upload/install the plugin on your WordPress website.

So let’s start by installing the plugin from WordPress admin. And there are two ways to install the plugin into your website.

Install from add plugin page
  • Log in to the WordPress admin by using the credentials
  • Click on Plugins menu from the admin menu
  • Click on Add New button to open the plugin installation page
  • Search for “iDentixweb” keyword from search bar
  • Click on Install button right to the Best Upsell for WooCommerce name
By uploading the file
  • Download the Best Upsell for WooCommerce plugin from the website.
  • Find the file you downloaded in Zip version in you local computer.
  • Log into your wordpress website admin.
  • Go to plugin page
  • Click on add new button to install new plugin
  • Click on Upload plugin button to upload the plugin file
  • Select your downloaded file from local computer and upload it
  • After successfully uploaded the file, you’ll be asked to activate the plugin or return to the plugin installation page.

Please take a look at the below tutorial video on the plugin installation.