Free shipping is super important for people when they shop online. It’s not just a cool thing; it can help stores sell more stuff and make more money. If you have a Shopify store, offering free shipping is a smart move. It attracts more customers and boosts profits. This article will explain why Shopify free shipping is important, including its benefits, practical implementation techniques, and some tips to make it work best for you.

What is Shopify Free Shipping?

Shopify free shipping is a great way for stores to offer customers free delivery. When a shop uses this, it means customers don’t have to pay extra for shipping. This makes people happy and more likely to buy things. When customers see they can get free shipping, they’re more likely to choose that shop over others. It’s like a bonus for them! This helps businesses make more sales and keeps customers coming back.

So, with Shopify free shipping, everyone wins – businesses get more sales, and customers get what they want without paying extra.

Why You Should Offer Shopify Free Shipping?


Increase Revenue

Shopify free shipping makes customers happy. Customers are more likely to buy when they know they won’t have to pay more for shipping. Your revenue and sales can increase as a result.

Attracts More Customers

Free shipping in ecommerce acts like a magnet, drawing more customers to your store. Free delivery can influence the decisions of many online customers who compare prices and deals. The phrase “free shipping” makes them think, “I’m saving money!” It’s also really convenient. There are no additional fees to worry about at the checkout.

Reduces Cart Abandonment

Free shipping on Shopify reduces cart abandonment. People often leave their carts when they see high shipping costs. With free shipping, they’re more likely to finish their orders. It makes shopping easier and keeps customers happy.

Increases AOV

Customers may need to spend a certain amount to get free shipping. To make customers spend more, suggest adding more items to their cart until they reach that amount. This raises the average order value (AOV), helping them qualify for free shipping.

Repeat Purchase

Free delivery on Shopify is a great way to increase customer loyalty. No shipping fees make customers happy and they come back. This helps your business grow. It’s about making shopping easy and cheap so customers return, making your business bigger.

Steps for Offering Shopify Free Shipping

Clear Shipping Policies

Decide when shipping is free and publish guidelines that everyone can follow. For instance, you can be eligible for free shipping on Shopify if you purchase a specific quantity or kind of item.

Adjust Pricing

Consider the cost of shipping items to customers while making sales. Each item you sell can have a little portion of that cost added to the price. In this manner, a customer may unknowingly contribute to delivery costs when they make a purchase.

Offer Bundles

Offer bundles to customers by combining products together. This helps them spend more and get free shipping easily. This increases client happiness and promotes larger purchases. They are inclined to add things to their cart more frequently when they see complementary items grouped together.

What to Consider Before Offering Shopify Free Shipping

Cost Analysis

Analyzing the costs of offering free shipping in ecommerce is vital. Look at how much you spend on shipping, the profit margins of your products, and how free shipping might affect your overall revenue. Keep in mind that shipping costs have the potential to reduce your revenues. So it’s important to ensure that providing free delivery won’t result in a loss for you. Analyze whether providing free shipping will result in more sales to offset the cost of shipping. Make sure your shipping costs don’t exceed what you earn from increased sales.

Cost of Shipping

Postage costs are only one aspect of shipping expenses. It also covers additional costs and items like packaging and courier expenses. Knowing these costs well is important if you’re thinking about offering free shipping on Shopify. Take a close look at each part to figure out how much it all adds up to when fulfilling orders. Knowing these specifics will help you decide on your shipping plan more wisely.

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Customer Location

Know where your customers are for efficient shipping. This affects how much shipping costs and how long it takes for orders to arrive. The farther away they are, the more it might cost, and the longer it might take. You might have to deal with delays and extra fees for faraway or international places. Keep customers informed about delivery times and potential charges. Transparency builds trust and keeps customers happy.

Competitor Analyze

To understand your competition’s shipping policies, look at how they price and deliver their services. Consider if they offer free returns or quick shipping. This helps you find ways to stand out while still competing. You might differentiate by offering free returns or faster shipping. This can attract customers who value these perks. Always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to stay ahead in the market.

Shipping Logistic

Make sure your shipping system, carriers, and order processing can handle more orders due to free shipping deals. Simplify your logistics to save money and work faster. Talk to shipping partners to get better deals and use technology to manage and track orders. Being able to grow without losing quality is important.

Top Five Tips for Shopify Free Shipping


Set Minimum Order Value

When a store sets a minimum order value for free shipping, like $50, customers have to spend at least that amount to qualify. For example, if someone’s cart totals $45, they’d need to add $5 more to qualify. This encourages customers to buy more to meet the minimum, which can benefit both the store and the shopper. The store sells more, and the customer gets free shipping, making everyone happy.

Pricing strategy

Strategic pricing is about smartly adjusting your products’ prices to cover shipping costs. You could consider adding an additional delivery charge to some of the items. You can maintain your free shipping policy in this way without incurring any losses.

Bundle products

Putting items into a single package is known as bundling. When selling skincare products, you could bundle face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen together at a cheaper price than when bought separately. Then, you can offer ecommerce free shipping on these bundles to sweeten the deal.

Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience means dividing your customers into groups based on their preferences, shopping habits, or where they live. This helps you understand them better. With this understanding, you can offer Shopify free shipping deals that suit your customers more effectively.

For example, you could offer people free shipping for certain items in one area. This makes shopping easier for them and can encourage more purchases. So, by knowing your customers well and tailoring offers to them, you can boost satisfaction and sales on your Shopify store.

Limited-Time Offer

The term limited-time offer refers to giving customers free shipping on Shopify for a short period of time, such as a weekend or one week. It makes people feel like they need to act fast. When they know it’s only available briefly, they’re more likely to buy sooner rather than later.

To wrap it up,

Shopify free shipping can attract more customers, increase sales, and make them happier. Knowing the advantages, using good methods, and always improving your approach can help you use free shipping to grow your Shopify store successfully.


1, How to offer free shipping on Shopify?

Enable free shipping in your Shopify settings by navigating to Shopify admin, go to Settings” > Shipping and delivery

2. How to set up free shipping on Shopify?

Set the conditions for free shipping to create a free shipping rate in Shopify under Settings > Shipping and delivery

3. Does free shipping increase sales?

Free shipping can increase sales by reducing cart abandonment and attracting customers, but results may vary depending on your products and market.

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