How to Enable 'Free Gift with Purchase' in your Shopify Store

What helps your store the most to get more orders? I think when a visitor visits your store and finds a product to buy, he/she hunts for offers or discounts. In other words, what’s actually pushing your visitors to buy more is the “Discount”. Here, you will get to know how to add various discounts to your store without using multiple Shopify apps. Yes, you hear that right, you can offer a free gift with purchase, and many other discounts just with a single Shopify app.

Here are some examples of how it will look in your store.


And once your customer is eligible for the free gift or free product, it will add to their cart automatically. Check the below image.


Let’s reveal that secret magical app!!

Shopify Free Gift with Purchase using iCart

iCart is a one-in-all in-cart upsell app. When you add this app to your Shopify store, it adds an amazing cart drawer to your store with many customizable upselling options to reap more revenues.


What’s the best thing about iCart, it is not only limited to the upselling options. It also provides you with an analysis of the revenue generated by this app.

If you want to know more detail about iCart then you can watch the below-mentioned video tutorial.

Now it’s time to explore the discount and free gift options available in iCart.

How to offer multiple free gift with purchase

Free Product

You may need to offer your customers a free gift with purchase. It really motivates your customers to visit your store again, thus, increasing the ratio of returning customers. iCart helps you to add a free product to offer to your customers when they reach the maximum purchase value.

Please scroll down and read the “Adding Free Gift to the Cart automatically when Checkout Total is over $X” to know how you can do that.

Free Shipping

Usually, I skip buying the products if “Free shipping” is not available for my order. Funny right?

I think many of us do the same thing. So you can keep this option available in your store for your customers. And the good news is that iCart has many ways to implement this for you.

Percentage Discount

When the customers get a discount in percentage, they buy more products to save more. Therefore, the percentage discount creates a great impact on the buyers.
When you add iCart to your store, it helps you to customize the discount offer for various upselling options (iCart widgets). Also, you can offer discounts with Free Shipping using the progress bar widget.

Fixed Amount Discount

With iCart, you can also offer discounts in fixed amounts. For example, if you want to give $10 OFF to the customers when the cart total is over $100, you can use this discount option.

Let’s do some hands-on real-life scenarios.

Adding Free Gift to the Cart automatically when Checkout Total is over $X

Follow the steps to automatically add free gifts or products to the cart in your Shopify store:

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify store.

Step 2: Go to Apps. Install iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell. If you already have installed it then open the app.

Step 3: Click on the Customize button.


Step 4: From the widget section, click on the Progress Bar widget.


The actual customization starts from here.

Step 5: Select the “Show widget title” checkbox if you want to show the title. You can rename the title and change the font style as per your store theme.


Step 6: Choose the layout. There are 3 layout options available.


Step 7: Select Cart price above $X in the Discount tier. It’s important to understand and choose the right discount tier because it is the base of your entire discount progress bar.

Cart price above $X: Discount will be applied to the cart based on the total cart value (amount).

Cart items above X: Discount will be applied to the cart based on the total cart item (products).


Here you can see various Discount tiers that represent different discount offers in the progress bar. It allows you to manage the number of discount tiers you want to show on the cart.

Therefore, you can either add or delete the discount tiers as per your requirement. We shall keep only one discount tier to show our “Free Gift” and delete the rest.


Step 8: Click on the Discount tier to modify the discount conditions and variables.

Step 9: Enter the target cart value (X) in the Cart price above $X. When the total cart amount will be equal to or greater than this value (X), the customer will be eligible for a free gift or free product.


Step 10: Enter the offer text that you want to show to the customer.


Step 11: If you want to exclude some products from the discount offer, then you can specify the product tags in the Exclusion tags.


Step 12: Select the “Free Product” option from the discount drop-down list.


Step 13: Click on the “Select Product” button and choose the product that you want to give as a free gift with purchase to the customer.


Step 14: Select the variant for the product you want to give as a free gift. (If you select a product that does not have any variant, this step will be skipped).


Step 15: Enter the discount name that will be visible to the customers when they will be eligible for the free gift or free gift is added to their shopping cart.


Step 16: If you want to add free shipping with the free gift, then you can tick the “Also Apply Free Shipping” checkbox.

Step 17: Customize the look of the progress bar as per your needs.


Step 18: Enter the success message that you want to show to your customers when they win the free gift.


Step 19: Save the changes you’ve made in the app by clicking the Save button.

Let’s check the output.


As I’ve set $300 in the Cart price above $X value (Step 9), I need to add $91.36 to earn the free gift.


So, it shows we successfully implemented the free gift with purchase in our store using iCart.

Wrapping Up!

Hope this helped you! Now it’s your turn to implement the same in your Shopify store and see exciting results. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help to set up Shopify free gift with purchase in our store.


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  2. Hello. I recently added iCart to my shopify store to make a free gift promo that I will be launching in December. Everything worked perfectly, except for the fact that a customer is able to click on the free gift and view it as a product where they can add more to their cart. This is not working for me since the free gift I am offering is not a product that I sell or offer in my store. I would like to make it so that a customer will not be able to click on the item in their cart and see the item on a separate page. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you.

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