How Influencer Marketing Can Boost Sales on Shopify?

With the Digital era on the rise, Digital Marketing is reshaping the way we advertise and market brands. Today, Digital Marketing plans are found to be the heart and soul of branding strategies. With new content creators rising each day, collaborations with influencers have turned out to be an integral part of Digital Marketing strategy. Not only retailers but also merchants are leveraging Shopify influencer marketing to increase Shopify Sales.

“People Do Not Buy Goods And Services. They Buy Relations, Stories, And Magic.” — Seth Godin. This quote comes to life when we talk about Influencer marketing. The secret of influencer marketing is not about selling products or services, it is about selling the brand’s authenticity to the audience.

Does this sound interesting? Then without wasting a second, let’s quickly scroll down to know more about Influencer Marketing.

What is Shopify Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing refers to a marketing strategy that involves partnering with individuals who have a large following on social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitter. These influencers on social media platforms are typically observed to be the experts within their industry or niche, who can influence the purchasing decisions of their followers.

The majority of businesses are collaborating with these influencers to promote their products and services. The content created by these influencers can be in the form of either sponsored posts, videos, or even stories.

What is Shopify Influencer Marketing

Expert’s data is showing that influencer marketing has over $21.1B market size.

Today, both offline and online stores are collaborating with Shopify influencers to reach a highly engaged audience who is more likely to trust the product recommendations by these experts. Shopify merchants have started collaborating with these Shopify content creators to get sales on Shopify and increase their customers.

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How Influencer Marketing Can Boost Sales on Shopify?

Product Reviews

With social media being overrated, today the audience is more skeptical about buying new products in the market. They either prefer to buy products they have used or prefer product recommendations from real people including influencers, friends, relatives, etc. The majority of consumers rely on influencers to examine potential brands or new products. These content creators highlight your product’s USPs through multi-channel media like podcasts, videos, interviews, or even blog posts.

They don’t just provide generic endorsements but offer honest evaluations. This fosters confidence, trust, engagement and potentially helps you to increase Shopify Sales.

A Contest or Give Away with Shopify Influencers

Contests and giveaway campaigns are implemented strategies that help the influencers boost engagement for your brand. For newly launched brands or products, these campaigns are a smarter way of creating brand awareness and targeting potential customers. The Shopify merchants can launch a contest or the influencers can even co-host the giveaway where both of them decide the rules and prizes. The contests require the participants to tag a friend and share the post on their profile with their followers.

This helps the Shopify brands to attract more eyeballs to their store which is an opportunity for brands to share user-generated content on their channels and invite more visitors to their stores. This indirectly assists the merchants to boost sales on Shopify.

Unboxing Experience

Unboxing experiences are much more than a craze in today’s era. In the early 2000s, these videos stormed out on YouTube and have now captured the Instagram market too with a bulk of content produced each day. Today, Merchants are collaborating with Shopify influencers to create these videos where influencers talk about their shopping experience at the Shopify store.

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With influencer recommendations being trusted more, Shopify store owners are creating product unboxing videos to showcase the products from different angles. These content creators help Shopify merchants to get sales on Shopify by talking about the packaging, products, pricing, offers, and shopping experience.

Live Interviews

Shopify Merchants have started conducting live interviews with the content creators to increase Shopify Sales. The Shopify store owners request the influencers to collaborate and go live from their social media accounts. In these interviews, the influencers can talk about their shopping experience at your store, discounts and offers available, free shipping, return and replace policies, and boost engagement for your brand by answering the queries of the audience.

Also, through a live session or an interview, these influencers can guide the audience to use your Shopify app right from installation to registration and buying to payment. This approach helps the brands to generate a sense of trust and authenticity, thus helping the merchants to boost sales on Shopify.

Discount Codes to Shopify Influencers

Offering discount codes to Shopify influencers is one of the simplest ways to increase sales on Shopify. This process involves supplying discounts or coupon codes through influencers. Locate an influencer in your niche and provide them with a limited-time discount offer that they can share with their followers.

This time limit adds a layer of urgency to your products, persuading them to act fast or buy the products. Here’s a list of a few common discount offers you can supply to entice viewers towards your store:

  • Encourage sales with a specific percentage off on products
  • Introduce shipping discounts on 1st transaction
  • Offer Price break discounts for a high volume of orders
  • To begin this process, invite the influencers and ask them to join the community in the Shopify Collabs app for creating discount codes. Adding a creator to the list of affiliate tiers in the Shopify collabs app rapidly creates the discount code and assigns it to the influencers to share with their fan club and followers.

  • Go to the affiliate tab
  • Select the Tiers
  • Add the tier name
  • Add the affiliates
  • Once the discount code is created the influencer will get a notification about the offer. However, Shopify merchants should confirm the codes through DMs or emails.

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    I hope this blog has helped you to understand how influencer marketing can help you to get sales on Shopify. If you have any queries, shoot your questions in the comment box below and I will surely try to answer them.

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