Within the Order Printer PDF Invoice Shopify app, the Template feature empowers merchants to customize and manage their invoice, packing slip, and refund templates with precision and ease. Let’s explore the functionality of this feature in detail to optimize your order documentation process.

Accessing Template Management

Navigate to the Template page within the app interface to gain access to a comprehensive list of installed templates for invoices, packing slips, and refunds. Here, you’ll find a centralized hub for template customization and selection.

Setting Default Templates

From the template list, you have the ability to select default templates for invoices, packing slips, and refunds. Choose the templates that best align with your branding and document requirements to ensure consistency across your order documentation.

Navigation Tabs for Seamless Switching

Utilize the navigation tab to seamlessly switch between different document types, including invoices, packing slips, and refunds. This intuitive feature enhances usability and streamlines template selection and customization.

Additional Navigation Options

Explore additional navigation options to further tailor your templates to your specific needs:

Template Language: Change or choose the language for your templates based on your store’s supported languages, ensuring clear and concise communication with your customers.
Template Currency: Customize the currency displayed on your templates to match your store currency or select the checkout currency for orders, enhancing clarity and transparency.
Create New Template: Easily create a new template by utilizing the prototype option. Selecting a new template prototype provides a starting point for customization, allowing you to tailor the template to your unique requirements.

Prototype Creation for Customization

Take advantage of the prototype option to create new templates from scratch or modify existing templates with ease. This feature empowers you to design templates that reflect your brand identity and meet your specific document needs efficiently.

Template - Order Printer PDF Invoice

Efficiently manage and customize your invoice, packing slip, and refund templates with the Template feature of the Order Printer PDF Invoice Shopify app. Elevate your order documentation process with professional and tailored templates that enhance brand perception and customer experience.