Are you looking for the best upsell app for Shopify and striving hard to increase sales? The power of promoting products has never come to an end. In 2024, new strategies like upselling, cross-selling, selling in bundles, etc, have come to a boom. In this blog, we will explore the best Shopify upsell app and show how it can help enhance your store’s growth. But before jumping directly to the app, we will dive into the importance of having an upsell Shopify app in your store.

Why It’s Better to Have an Upsell App for Shopify Stores

Having a Shopify upsell app can provide you with many benefits and profit at the same time. Imagine putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Suppose you are buying something online: let’s say you have added a 32GB pendrive to your cart and Shopify suggests you 64GB pendrive with better features and reasonable rate. What would you do? 90% chance that you will pick the suggested item, right?

So, this is exactly what your customers also want from your store. It’s a win-win – you get double the profit, and the customers get more relevant stuff.

What Is an Upsell App?

Upselling is a sales technique where a seller encourages customers to purchase a more expensive item, upgrade, or add-on to make a more profitable sale. An upsell app is a plugin that helps you to suggest relevant products to your customers based on their cart items.

An upsell app can show upgraded versions of products to customers when they add something to their cart. Showing an upsell item encourages customers to buy more. It allows them to buy an upgraded version of the product which they have already added to their cart.

Best Upsell App for Shopify Stores

You may find a lot of apps that offer upselling features but finding the best one is a crucial task. So for you, we have come up with the best Shopify upsell app called iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell. This app has multiple features compared to other upsell apps and pricing is also reasonable.

Using the iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell Shopify app, you can improve your sales and conversions. If you want to increase AOV and double your ROI, look no further, install iCart Shopify upsell app in your store.


Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of using the iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell Shopify app.

Tailored Recommendations: You can show relevant recommendations tailored to customer’s buying needs. They act like helpful shopping buddies for your customers. Remember, personalized shopping is a big hit always in online shopping.

Effortless Implementation: iCart offer a user-friendly interface. It comes with an easy setup, making it simple for any non-technical background person. No coding is required to install and setup iCart in your store as it has drag-and-drop interface.

Attractive offers: You can sell products with attractive offers like discount, volume discounts, free gift or free product, etc. This will increase customer loyalty and your customers will be happy with your store. You can set different customized offers based on your preferences and delight your valuable customers.

Converting Carts: iCart not only offers full cart but also offers slide cart/cart drawer and cart popup. You can customize all these carts as per your requirements and make your store stand out from other stores.

How to Create Upsells in Shopify

Step 1: Choose the Right upsell app for Shopify

It’s critical to select the best upsell Shopify app out of the multitude of options. Verify that it is simple to join, offers abundant customization possibilities, and has first-rate customer support.

Step 2: Install and Configure the App

Your shopify store should be configured to support the upsell app you choose after you choose it. Most apps provide a user-friendly interface, making the setup process seamless.

Step 3: Define Upsell Offers


Make attractive offers that your customers will really like. Suggesting a combo can be significant if you’re selling things that go well together. Or suggest a fancier version of what they’re already interested in. Don’t forget to give them special deals that they can’t get anywhere else. The key is ensuring your offers are truly valuable to your customers.

Step 4: Set Trigger Points

Determine when and where you want your upsell offers to appear. Adding items to a cart can trigger Shopify in-cart upsells, so customers can shop seamlessly without interruption.

Step 5: Monitor and Optimize

Keep checking how well your upsell promotions are doing by using the app’s analytics. Look for patterns, study what customers are doing, and adjust your offers to make them work better over time.


In 2024, upsell apps will be crucial for keeping up with the constantly changing world of online shopping. It’s crucial to pick the right app, set it up smoothly, and create attractive deals. iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell, one of the upsell Shopify app, has revolutionized the way in-cart upsells work on Shopify. In a world where personalizing things is key, these apps help Shopify stores grow and keep customers coming back.

Try using apps from Shopify that suggest extra items and see how they can make a big difference for your online business.


1) What is upsell in shopify?

In Shopify, upselling is the strategy to encourage buyers to buy more or better products, raising the total transaction value. To enable customers to make larger purchases at the checkout, merchants employ various strategies, such as product recommendations or bundle offers.

2) What is the best upsell app for Shopify?

Choosing the best Shopify upsell app depends on specific business needs. Popular options include iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell, Bold Upsell, ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell, and OneClickUpsell. Each offers unique upsell features to boost sales by enticing customers with additional relevant products during checkout.

3) How does upselling increase revenue?

Customers are encouraged to buy more expensive things or more features by upselling, which raises revenue and raises average transaction value. This approach optimizes the value of each sale and improves profitability.

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