Pricing Plan

Are you considering the Hide Payment & Shipping iWeb Shopify app for your online store? Understanding the available pricing plans is crucial to make an informed decision. This article provides an overview of the two plans offered by the app: the Free plan and the Unlimited plan.

There are two types of plans are available in the app:

  • Free
  • Unlimited
Rules for Shipping/Payment Number of Rules can be created
Free $4.99
Hide/Delete Method 1 Unlimited
Rename/Translate Method 1 Unlimited
Sort/Reorder Method 1 Unlimited

Free Plan


1 Rule for Rename/Translate: With the Free plan, you can create one rule to rename or translate payment methods. This is particularly useful if you want to make your payment options more user-friendly or cater to a multilingual audience.

1 Rule for Hide/Delete: You get one rule to hide or delete specific payment methods based on your custom conditions. This feature allows you to streamline the payment process by showing only the most relevant options to your customers.

1 Rule for Sort/Reorder: The Free plan includes one rule for sorting and reordering payment methods. This helps you prioritize the display of payment options, making it easier for customers to choose their preferred method.



The Unlimited plan comes at a cost of $4.99 USD per month along with 14-days Free Trial. This fee unlocks a powerful set of features, granting you unlimited control over your payment methods.


Unlimited Rule for Rename/Translate: With the Unlimited plan, you have the freedom to create an unlimited number of rules for renaming or translating payment methods. This is ideal for businesses with extensive payment options or those targeting diverse linguistic audiences.

Unlimited Rule for Hide/Delete: You can create as many rules as needed to hide or delete specific payment methods, giving you complete control over which options are visible during the checkout process.

Unlimited Rule for Sort/Reorder: Enjoy unlimited rule creation for sorting and reordering payment methods. This ensures you can finely tune the order in which payment options are presented, optimizing the customer experience.


Choosing the right pricing plan for the Hide Payment & Shipping iWeb Shopify app depends on your specific needs and the level of control you require over your payment methods.

Free Plan: The Free plan offers essential customization features, making it suitable for smaller stores or those with basic requirements.

Unlimited Plan: If you need extensive customization capabilities and have a larger array of payment methods to manage, the Unlimited plan, priced at $4.99 USD per month, provides the flexibility and control you need.

Select the plan that aligns with your business goals and enjoy the benefits of tailored payment methods that enhance your customers’ shopping experience.