Dawn Theme vs Debut Theme: Should you Switch to Shopify Dawn Theme

Dawn Theme vs Debut Theme

Are you new to Shopify or willing to switch your existing theme to the Shopify Dawn theme or Shopify Debut theme? Then you are at the right place. This article will show you the Shopify Dawn Theme vs Debut Theme difference, Dawn theme review, and Debut theme review basically.  Shopify is made more flexible for every merchant by offering dozens of free themes. Out of these free themes are the Dawn theme and the Debut theme. It can be said that both themes are the major heroes among all Shopify themes. You can see many Shopify Debut theme examples and Dawn theme examples.

Yes, both themes are excellent so you can’t make the right decision. At the moment as Dawn theme, Shopify is the most discussed topic on all Shopify platforms. With the release of Online Store 2.0, people are very much excited to use the Dawn theme Shopify. Seems like you can’t wait to use the Dawn theme on your Shopify store, right? So this blog is to help you in choosing the right theme that suits your business needs.

Shopify Dawn Theme Review

Dawn theme is the new best Shopify theme that is made for flexibility, high performance, and ease of use. And top of that it uses features of Online Store 2.0 consisting of JSON templates, that support app blocks and sections on all pages.


Features of Dawn Theme

High Performance & High Speed

Dawn utilizes various strategies to optimize performance. The new Shopify Dawn theme removes all the unwanted or unused scripts and codes from the theme templates. Dawn Theme is 35% comparatively faster than the Debut theme. If you have chosen the Dawn theme for your store then you are completely tension-free about speed and performance.


The new Shopify Dawn theme works well on all types of browsers even with Internet Explorer 11.


You can easily create custom pages using its drag and drop sections and blocks without any special coding. Shopify Dawn comes with special blocks and sections for products, images, videos, quotes, and many more.

Dawn Theme Editor

With, Online Store 2.0 gives you a new experience in the theme editor.


Hierarchal Structure

Earlier with every section, there was a block consisting of content and smaller sections inside allowing users to change them. But with the new feature, everything is well organized in a structured way to make it easy for users to edit. As it provides you with a clear route map it will give a better UX for users.

Sections Available on All Pages

As Sections are made global in Online Store 2.0 now Shopify merchants can add content sections on all pages. Yes, now merchants can customize their product page, blog page, collection page, or any page easily.


Using meta fields, Shopify makes it easy for merchants to easily create metafields directly without using API or code. Are hearing about Metafields for the first time? Metafields allows you to add more contents or sections on your website that allow you to deliver more insights about your products to your customers.

Template Creation

With the new feature of Online Store 2.0, you can now easily create a template for specific pages that you want to add and then you can assign specific products or collections to it.

Debut Theme Overview

Debut is another best free theme for starting an online store on Shopify. The Debut theme is such a beautiful theme that suits all types of stores. As the Shopify Debut theme comes already fine polish you can use it as it is if you want to. If you don’t need too many customizations then the Debut theme is the right choice for your online store.

Features of Debut theme


This feature lets you display multiple products or brand images on your home page.

Predictive Search

This feature will show you live search results and quick links related to products and store pages.

Customer Testimonial

A customer testimonial is not written directly by customers in your store. These testimonials come from social feedbacks which you manually type in the section.

Promotional Banner

Get more customers by promoting your sales by showing discount offers at the top of your store’s home page.

Suitable for Small Catalogs

This theme is a perfect fit for stores having a small number of products.

Home Page Video

Feature a YouTube video or Vimeo video on your home page telling your story.

Product Recommendations

Increase discoverability by showing the recommended products to your customers. You can show product recommendations manually on your store or you can use any Shopify app like iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell which will allow you to show product recommendations in the cart drawer.

icart cart drawer cart upsell

Product Filtering

This feature would help you to filter products by type and can sort by best sellers and price on the collection page.

Debut Theme Styles

Default and Light are the two variant styles that come in Shopify Debut themes. To attract customers’ attention default style is best as it is quite sharp and outstanding.

Theme Editor

To customize your theme use a theme editor which is divided into sections and theme settings. Using sections you can modify the content and layout of the different pages on your store like fonts, and colors of the store. Also, you can make changes to your social media and checkout settings.

Dawn Theme vs Debut Theme: Is Dawn Better than Debut?

To be honest, Dawn is better than Debut because of its advanced features of Online Store 2.0 like the theme editor, metafields, app design block, etc. Apart from that, it is faster by 35% than the Debut theme and works on all browsers. If you want more advanced features then you can blindly jump to the Dawn theme otherwise Debut theme is just amazing! So who has won the game in Dawn Theme vs Debut theme?

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4 Responses

  1. I’m completely new to dropshipping. I started with Debut & is less than half way to a proper web page. I’ve only just switched to Dawn & encounter the following problems:
    1) unable to change the colour of the banner
    2) unable to upload the image for the homepage
    3) unable to edit the text that overlay the image

    Would appreciate your advice. Many thanks.

    1. Hello Michael, Thank you for your response!
      Here is the guide that will help you in Shopify Dawn theme customization.

  2. I can’t figure out how to change the type on the home page. And how to add t size chart to the specific items. Please advise.

    Alaina Broome

    1. Hello Alaina,

      You can take a look at this blog to add the size chart for specific products: Adding Size Chart to product page

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