When you want an awesome storefront for your online store, you can fully rely on the Shopify Dawn theme, all thanks to its powerful features.

Still, you may need some store examples to imagine your store with the Dawn theme. So, let’s begin with our list of 25 best Shopify Dawn theme examples.

Best 25 Shopify Dawn Theme Examples

Dawn theme has inspired many stores worldwide to get a new and refreshing look and offer an excellent shopping experience to the customers. After the launch of Online Store 2.0 Dawn is the first Shopify 2.0 theme so it has all the latest features.

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Here are some of the best Shopify website examples made with the Dawn theme.

Runners Athletics

runnersathletics dawn theme example

Store Category: Sports / Apparel / Accessories

Runners Athletics sells Running Sunglasses & Running Hats. This Shopify store has smartly designed with short and simple navigation and clean images. They have focused more to educate their visitors about the benefits and features of their products.


poochles shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Pets & Animals / Pet Food & Supplies

Poochles supplies high-quality pet products like dog food, dog toys, cat food, puppy products, cat litter, collars, leashes dog treats, and more from India and around the world. The store design entertains the visitors throughout the sessions with fun graphics.

Irresistible Me

irresistible me shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Beauty & Fitness

Irresistible Me has created an awesome store with the Dawn theme to sell clip-in and tape-in hair extensions. All you can see is the large font, bright colors images, and videos.

Bubble Tea Club

bubbleteaclub dawn theme

Store Category: Food & Drink / Beverages / Coffee & Tea

Bubble Tea Club sells bubble tea and also shares DIY recipes to make amazing bubble tea at home. The uniqueness of their brand and products can also be seen in their store design, i.e. created with the Shopify Dawn theme.

icart cart drawer cart upsell


pyua shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Clothing & Accessories

PYUA supplies fashionable clothes and accessories for men and women worldwide. The storefront represents a sophisticated brand, premium products, and also offers a great way to explore the store collections.

Palm Bites

palm bites shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Food & Drink

Palm Bites offers mouth-watering chocolate covered dates, filled and coated with nuts. The way they have designed their storefront is as pleasing as their products to attracwidth=”1746″ height=”906″t chocolate lovers.

Tropii Loungewear

tropii loungewear shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Clothing & Accessories

Tropii Loungewear sells high-quality garments for women and men, inspired by urban music and London nightlife. The store design made using the Dawn theme offers bold and cool vibes to the shoppers.

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ulx shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Accessories / Business equipment & supplies

ULX sells premium leather products like desk mats, wallets, duffel bags, watches, MacBook sleeves, and many more. The classy and stylish storefront makes it one of the best Shopify Dawn theme examples.

MD Complete

md complete shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Beauty & Fitness / Face & Body Care

MD Complete offers professional skincare products to resolve or repair lines, dark spots, firmness, eye puffiness, crepe, acne, and radiance. The store is quite simple yet impactful and offers a great knowledge about the brand and products.


jimbobart shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Home & Garden / Kitchen & Dining / Arts & Crafts

Jimbobart sells animal printed products by James Ward. Inspired by his love for drawing animals and birds, James creates original illustrations on ceramics, homeware, clothing, and artwork.

Bookish Santa

bookish santa shopify dawn theme examples

Store Category: Books & Literature

Bookish Santa is an online book store that sells new and used books for all types of readers. The store is designed with the Dawn theme that provides easy access to children’s books, vintage books, fiction, non-fiction books online, and many more categories.

Rocco & The Fox

rocco and the fox shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Clothing & Accessories

Rocco & The Fox offers a wide range of high-quality and modern baby + toddler apparel. The store has a muted background that gives a vintage and sophisticated look to the store.


sweedesi shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Food & Drink

SweeDesi delivers a wide range of famous Indian sweets and snacks in some regions of India. The storefront is clean and colorful, reminds the taste and authenticity of their food products.

The Cooking Guild

the cooking guild shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Home & Garden / Kitchen & Dining

The Cooking Guild offers an amazing collection of hand-forged cooking knives and bespoke kitchen knives. With the Dawn theme, they built a trustful store that takes their brand and products to the next level.

Urdu Bazaar

urdu bazaar shopify dawn theme store

Store Category: Books & Literature

Urdu Bazaar is an online book store where book lovers can find their desired books and purchase them with doorstep delivery all over India.

Wood Wood Toys

wood wood toys shopify dawn theme example

Store Category: Toys & Hobbies

Wood Wood Toys is an online toy shop where you can find new and refurbished wooden, educational and Montessori toys for babies and children. They have created a Shopify store that can easily impress anyone who entered their site.

Bento & co

bento and co shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Food & Drink

Bento & co is an online food store specializing in delivering bento (Japanese takeaway lunch served in a box) boxes and accessories!

Olivine Atelier

olivine shopify dawn theme store example

Store Category: Beauty & Fitness

Olivine Atelier sells handcrafted perfumes and beauty products. Similar to the brand name and products, the store design is also made beautiful and flawless for online shoppers.

Cards For All People

cards for all people shopify dawn theme examples

Store Category: Games

Cards For All People is an awesome online store for card game lovers. The supper easy navigation will help you find cool and stylish cards for your casual party games.

Pink Tartan

pink tartan shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Clothing & Accessories

Pink Tartan offers a great collection of beautifully tailored clothes for women worldwide. They have made a serious effort to make their store professional and trustworthy with the Dawn theme.

Kristi Tullus

kristi tullus dawn theme

Store Category: Toys & Hobbies / Arts & Crafts

Kristi Tullus is a uniquely designed online toy store. The store owner not only sells crocheted toys but also guides people with crochet tutorials. The store is made simple yet impactful, you can’t stop scrolling down once you entered the site.

Hope Design Ltd.

hope design ltd shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Jewelry & Accessories / Kitchen & Dining / Arts & Crafts

Hope Design Ltd. is a lifestyle store owned by Lauren Hope. She crafts unique military jewelry and accessories to honor our country’s service veterans and heroes. If you have a clothing or lifestyle store, this store is the perfect Shopify dawn theme example for you.


blank wardrobe shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Clothing & Accessories

BLANKWardrobe is a lifestyle brand that features women’s apparel and accessories like bags, jewelry, hats, and scarves. They have used simple fonts and colors but that enhances the look of the store.


phlywheel shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Business & Industrial / Business Services

Phlywheel offers online courses and tools to help you gain marketing skills for your business or brand. The fun illustrative graphics create a great visual experience for the site visitors.

Toadstool Farm Vintage

toadstool farm vintage shopify dawn theme

Store Category: Clothing & Accessories / Home & Garden / Books & Literature

Toadstool Farm Vintage is an online store that sells vintage clothing like women’s dresses, accessories, books, and home decor products. The store offers a consistent visual experience and leaves a decent impression of the brand.


This is how the Dawn Shopify theme helps out the Shopify merchants to craft beautiful and prosperous online stores.

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Can’t wait to design your store with the Shopify Dawn theme? But before you start creating your Shopify store, think like online shoppers. Next, point out what attracts customers the most. Then, start designing your Shopify store with Dawn.


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