Shopify Gift cards are an excellent way to boost customer engagement and increase sales in your Shopify store. This brings customers to mind to purchase products from your store. Gift cards increase customer loyalty and bring more new customers to your Shopify store.

In this blog post, we will explain how to create gift card in Shopify, how do Shopify gift cards work, etc.

Overview of Shopify gift cards

Shopify gift cards are a popular feature offered by the Shopify platform for all subscription plans. Shopify gift cards give customers a happy shopping experience.

How do Shopify gift cards work?

When an order is processed using a Shopify gift card, the customer will receive an email containing a digital card featuring a unique code. This code can be utilized during the checkout process to redeem the card’s value.

If you engage in in-person sales through the Point of Sale channel, you have the option to provide both digital and physical gift cards to your customers.

How to create gift card in Shopify?

1. Open your Shopify admin and go to Products > Gift Cards.

2. Click Gift Card Products.


3. Add a gift card product.

4. Add the required details for the gift card

5. After adding the details click on the Save button.

Benefits of giving gift cards in your Shopify store

Gift cards on Shopify offer several benefits for both businesses and customers. Here are some of the key advantages:

Increased sales: Gift cards can help drive sales by encouraging customers to make purchases from your store. Recipients of gift cards are more likely to visit your website or physical store to redeem their cards, potentially leading to additional sales beyond the card value.

Customer acquisition and loyalty: Offering gift cards can attract new customers to your business. When customers purchase gift cards to give as presents, they introduce your brand to their friends, and family, potentially bringing in new customers.

Gift cards can also enhance customer loyalty, as recipients of gift cards are more likely to return to your store to redeem their cards and make additional purchases.

Increase in revenue: In many cases, the full value of a gift card may not be used in a single purchase. This can lead to incremental revenue for your business, as customers often spend more than the gift card value when redeeming.

Customers may also use the opportunity to try out new products or services, leading to potential upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

Promotional opportunities: Gift cards can be used as part of promotional campaigns to attract and retain customers. For example, you can offer gift cards as prizes in contests or giveaways, or provide them as incentives for specific actions such as subscribing to a newsletter or making a certain purchase threshold.

How to issue a gift card on Shopify

When issuing a free gift card to your customer, you create a gift card code and send it to customers via email without receiving any payment in return.

Follow the below steps to issue a gift card to your customer:

1. Log in to your Shopify admin and go to Products > Gift Cards.
2. Click Issue gift card.
3. Enter the initial value of the card.
4. If you want to set the expiration date for the gift card, then you can do that.
5. Now, from the search box Search or create a customer, enter a customer’s name, phone number, or email address to select or create a customer.
6. To issue the gift card click on Activate and send.


By adding Shopify gift cards to your online store, you offer a convenient and flexible gifting option for your customers while driving additional revenue.

Remember to promote your gift cards effectively and track their usage to maximize their potential. Embrace the power of gift cards and watch your sales and customer engagement soar!


1. In Shopify, gift cards are available or not?
Yes, gift cards are available on all Shopify subscription plans.

2. Do Shopify gift cards expire?
B default, they don’t expire but if you have added an expiry date in gift cards then they will expire.

3. Are Shopify gift cards free?
Yes, creating a gift card is completely free on Shopify.

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