Can I open multiple Shopify stores from one account

Every store owner wishes to have multiple Shopify stores to grow their business more widely and increase sales. But unfortunately, right now you can’t create multiple Shopify stores from one account as Shopify doesn’t provide this option. You can have two or more account logins for a single store. But if you need multiple stores then the only option that you can have currently is to create individual stores separately.

Most of the Shopify merchants go for only one store but those who want to sell more different products and diversify their brand go with multiple stores. But there are benefits too and challenges also. Let’s dive into it one by one.

Benefits of opening multiple Shopify stores

Many of them step back from creating multiple stores worrying about the time and effort needed to handle multiple stores, but there are a few benefits too. Let’s see them.

Sell globally

You may sell your products globally so having more than one store can help you to just adjust your store’s currency, language, products, and all. You can easily tailor each site based on the needs of different regions which can also be called localized marketing.

However, selling in different countries will help to expand your business. The only thing you need to know while going global is to be aware of the market you are going to enter. Because you need to personalize your Shopify store for each market by using the best tactics that are going to work out for your store.


Changing buyer groups

Selling your products to different buyer groups could mean children or adults, B2B or B2C. Changing your approach to different buyers can help you to sell more products widely. Targeting different markets and buyers is an excellent way to broaden your business. Many examples use this strategy. You can also be one of them.


Common challenges faced with multiple stores

Setting up multiple stores can be simple but managing them is the actual challenge. Let’s see what are the common challenges faced by multiple stores.

Manage your orders and inventory

You need to monitor your orders and inventory as you are dealing orders with multiple stores, not with a single store. So sometimes it would become confusing and messy while fulfilling orders or returning orders. The same happens with inventory also i.e if any error occurs then it can affect your production.


Managing products can also become messy and kinda confusing when you arrange them separately to showcase them across multiple Shopify storefronts. What I am trying to say is that you may set priorities for your products but it could become a challenge to manage them as you are not having one store instead you are going to handle multiple Shopify storefronts.



If you want to expand your business and make more sales then the only option is to create different stores from different accounts but unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t allow you to create multiple stores from one account.

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