Best strategies to boost your revenue on Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is the most awaited biggest shopping festival for all store owners to earn the maximum profit of the year. Black Friday sales continue for up to 4 days and end the sales on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is a marketing term referring to the Monday that falls four days after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It was created to encourage customers to shop online.

These days are the most beneficial days for every store owner to generate revenue by offering special discounts. Many people wait for this day for grand shopping and they purchase in bundles by spending more money than ever.

So yes running an eCommerce store these days can be a profitable time of the year but what if you are not ready for those days? Here are the best strategies that will help you to boost your Black Friday sales.

Plan your BFCM special offers

It’s time to decide the offers that you are going to give your customers on Black Friday weekend. Can you boost your revenue by strategically applying your discounts? Do you have a killer deal that you can use to launch your sale to gain the attraction of your customers?


You can install apps like iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell which will allow you to show upsells, product recommendations, gift wraps, offers, and many other things for Black Friday sales.

Create an email list for your targeted customers

No other strategy is better than email marketing. But the marketing you are going to do through email should be effective and fruitful for your customers and for you obviously. You need to attract customers and grow your subscriber base by showing your Black Friday offers.


And one week before Black Friday creates an email for a new audience who will be interested in shopping from your store. Remember to include CTA and make your best sales through email marketing.

Make your checkout process more simple

You know that during Black Friday people have many options to purchase. So during that time, you need to focus on faster and user-friendly shopping experiences for your customers. One of the major reasons can be your checkout process.


Try to keep your checkout process simple instead of making it too complicated and boring which can step back your customers from completing the purchase from your store.

Creates a sense of urgency in your store

Create a sense of urgency around your sale so that it can convert the mind of your customers to take immediate action. Try to include a countdown timer to show the offers ending period.


Countdown timers are a great way to show customers that if they want to purchase a product then they must take the final decision right now or within a timeframe before the time expires which is shown in the countdown timer. Many successful stores like Amazon use this concept to increase sales.

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