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iCart is an all in one app for side cart customization and conversion optimization. iCart helps you in designing your cart drawer and generating sales by showing upsells, product recommendations with time-sensitive offers, gift wraps, countdown timers, discounts, and many more.

Getting familiar with the Dashboard

After installing the app the first page that you will be able to see is the dashboard page in which you can find an active template that you can also consider as a default template that you can customize in your way. By clicking on the “Preview” button you can see what the template will look like and by clicking on the “Customize” button you can start customizing the template.

On scrolling down the page you can see the analytics section which shows you the below-mentioned analytic report:

Revenue generated

Here you can see the total revenue generated on your store after installing iCart in your store. You can view the analytics by changing the date from the calendar.

Order generated

This report shows the total number of orders generated in your store after iCart has been installed.


Here you can view the Return on Investment of your store after iCart has been installed.

App orders AOV

This option shows you the total average order value of your store after iCart has been installed.

Total store orders

Here you can view the total number of orders in your store after iCart has been installed.

iCart impressions

The number denotes the total number of times iCart’s content was displayed for your users.

iCart conversion rate

Here you can see the total number of conversions (purchases that are done through iCart).

iCart abandonment rate

It shows the total percentage of people who left the checkout page without taking any action.


Here you can see the list of deleted widgets that would be displayed in red color with their impressions and those which are undeleted would be displayed in black color.


By clicking on the settings button you can enable/disable the app.

Referral Program

Through this program, you will get a commission of 20% by sharing iCart with other friendly stores. If you want to know more about the referral program and how to join the referral program then here is the complete guide for you.

General Settings

Under this option, you can customize the following options:

  • Cart header
  • General settings
  • Cart bubble settings

Cart Header

Under this option, you can change the heading of the cart drawer, the color of the header text, and the size of the header text.

General settings

Maximum number of widgets to display

Here you can add the number of widgets that you want to show in the cart drawer.

Cart Bubble Settings

Under this option, you can show/hide the sticky cart drawer, and change the icon of the cart, the color of the cart bubble, the color of the bubble icon, and the position of the cart bubble. Also, you can show/hide the cart item count bubble, change the background color of the cart bubble, and the color of the cart item bubble text.

Getting familiar with iCart Widgets

Progress Bar Widget

This widget allows you to show the offer like free shipping, percentage, and fixed discount that you would like to give to your customers.How to customize the
Progress Bar widget?

Product upsell widget

This widget allows you to show upsells in the cart drawer for your customers. How does the product upsell widget work?

Cart item widget

This widget helps you to add more attractive features to your cart items and boost your sale with various upselling options. How can I customize the cart item widget?

Product recommendation widget

This widget allows you to add the products that you want to recommend to your customers in the cart drawer. Read more to know how the product recommendation widget works.

Image with the text widget

This widget allows you to add an image with text for your customers in the cart drawer. How can I customize this widget?

Custom HTML widget

With this widget, you can add the HTML code and can create custom buttons or anything that you want to show in the cart drawer. Know how to add custom buttons in the side cart.

Discount widget

This widget allows you to display the discount widget for your customers from which they can use discounts for their products. How does the discount widget work?

Checkout button widget

With this widget, you can add the checkout button in the cart drawer. How to customize this widget?

Product bundle widget

The Product Bundle widget helps you to offer multiple products in a single bundle with attractive discount offers to your customers. Check out how you can add and customize the product bundle widget.

Order Delivery Date widget

As Order Delivery Date is integrated with iCart so by adding this widget you can add the Order Delivery calendar in the cart drawer from which customers can choose the specific date and time on which they want to get their order delivered. How does this widget work?

Birthday collector

This widget allows you to collect the birthdays of your customers and offer them special discounts on their purchases. Read this guide to know how this widget works. 


This widget allows you to create a survey form for your customers so that you can collect the experience of your customers from your store. How to create the survey form?

New features of iCart


iCart has updated this new feature which allows customers to choose the desired currency. You can add different currencies that you want to show in your store which will help your customers to select the one in which they want to view the price of products. Products will be sold to the customers based on the currency that they have selected.

To find this feature go to your Shopify store’s Settings > Payments



After clicking on the payments option you can see an option called Bogus Gateway. Click on the Manage button.


Now click on Add the country/region button which will allow you to add the countries/regions that you want to show on your store for your customers. 


After adding the countries/regions click on the Add country/region button to get added to your store.

After adding the countries/regions the option displayed on your store may look like as shown in the image below.

Terms and Conditions

You can find this option within the checkout button widget which allows you to show terms and conditions at the checkout button. As shown in the image below you can show/hide the terms and conditions, change the text of the terms and conditions agreement, and can change the terms and condition error message.
After enabling the terms and conditions option it will be displayed in your store as shown below.

Urgency countdown

This option will encourage your customers to buy by showing them a visual countdown timer. You can find this option from the cart items widget. As shown in the screenshot below you can enable or disable cart urgency in your store. By enabling the cart urgency you can add the timer duration, change the urgency timer message, and set the action to be performed when the timer runs out.
After enabling the cart urgency in your store it may look as shown in the image below.

Coupon code

iCart supports the discount option provided by Shopify by which you can give your customers a coupon code to avail the discount. By clicking on the discount button you will get 2 options: discount codes and automatic codes.
In the discount code option, you can create a discount code by which your customers will get a discount if they enter a code at checkout. By clicking on the create discount button the below page will be displayed in which you can add the required details and create a coupon code for your customers.
Similarly, when you click on automatic discounts your customers will get a discount automatically in their cart. Here also you can create the discount code similarly as you have created in the discount code option.
After creating the discount codes over here you can make this option available on your store from the cart items widget as shown below.
Enable the add coupon code checkbox to make this option visible in the side cart on your store. By enabling this option, you can change the text of add button and close button, change the text color of button, change the text of apply button, text color of apply button and background color of the apply button.
To know more detail about iCart please refer to the below video tutorial.

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