Do you know that customers always seek incentives or rewards in both online and offline shopping? These rewards sometimes increase the chances of buying decisions among customers. One effective way to offer this is through discounts or free gifts. Offering a free gift or a free product with discount is like getting a complimentary snack with coffee. If you also want to delight your customers by giving a free product with discount on Shopify, this guide is for you! 

Why Offer Shopify Discount with Free Product in Store?

Offering a free product with a discount has lots of benefits for you and your customers. We have mentioned a few of the benefits.

Delight your customers: By offering this offer, your customers will be happy and will love to visit your store again. You are making a good impression on your customers about their shopping experience at Shopify store.

Attract new customers: Free products or special discounts are always an enticing factor for customers. They draw the attention of new visitors to your store and encourage them to buy the product.

Increase in sales: Discounts and free products will help you boost your sales as customers will spend double the cost of buying your products. Along with the rise in sales, your revenue will also increase automatically. 

Clearing inventory: If you have an excess amount of products that aren’t selling or are going to expire soon, you can set an offer on them. This will help you clear your excess inventory soon instead of wasting it. 

Building customer loyalty: Offering Shopify free products with discounts to your customers will enhance their loyalty. This will help you retain your valuable customers for a long time.

How to Offer Shopify Free Product with Discount in Store?

To offer Shopify discount in your store can be achieved in many ways. However, offering a free product with a discount is a catchy offer that can be done with the help of our Shopify app called iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell. Let’s see how to implement this in your store.

icart cart drawer cart upsell

Step 1: Install iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell in your Shopify store.

Step 2: Click on General Settings and enable the app.


Step 3: Choose the cart type you want to show the offer. To do this, go to General settings and choose the cart type. 


Step 4: Now go to the dashboard and click on Customize.

customize -cart

Step 5: Click on the Add widget and add the Progress Bar.


We have created a detailed guide on the basic settings of this progress bar widget. You can refer to that. Here, we will jump directly to the main topic of our blog: adding the offer.

Step 7: Select the discount tier. We offer two conditions: cart price above Rs. X and Cart items above X. Select the one that meets your needs.


Step 8: Next, click on Add discount tier. Add the text you want to show with the offer and select the discount option.

Step 9: Then select the discount type as percentage and add the value in the field that you want to give your customers.

Step 10: Give a name to your discount which will be shown to the customer. 


Step 11: On top of it, if you want to add some specific conditions to this discount you can add them based on your choice by adding values in the remaining fields as shown below:


Step 12: Now add one more discount tier and select free product as shown below:


Step 13: Now select the product that you want to give to your customers for free and set the quantity using the options in the above image.

Now there are few conditions that you can add for these above 2 offers.

1) Select the country that is applicable for these offers or exclude the country you want to exclude or apply to all countries.

2) Now, add the cart price condition.

3) Now, suppose if you want to exclude any particular product from this condition, you can add the product tag in the exclusion tag field.

4) Last but not least, save all your changes by clicking on the Save button.

Congratulations, you have successfully enabled discount with free product in your store. So, why to wait now, add discount on Shopify store with free product and let your sales soar to new heights.

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