What is Shopify Collective & How it Can Transform Your Online Store

Shopify Collective is one of the latest features released from the Shopify Summer 2023 edition update. It is an effortless way to help Shopify stores increase sales. This feature is mainly for Shopify retailers and Shopify suppliers. So come, let’s get started and learn everything about Collective in detail.

What is Shopify Collective

Shopify Collective helps you to connect with other Shopify stores and sell each other’s products within the Shopify platform.

Shopify retailers can import complementary products directly from suppliers and begin selling them without any inventory expenses or obligations. Meanwhile, Shopify suppliers can gain visibility with retailers, establish price lists, and share products for them to sell. Shopify Collective is free to use with all Shopify plans, subject to store eligibility.

Eligibility criteria for using the Shopify Collective app

Shopify Collective can be used in those stores that meet the following criteria:

  • Your store must be based in the US.
  • You must be selling products in US Dollars.
  • You must have Shopify Payments activated in your store.
  • Your store must have made at least $50,000 USD in the last 12 months.
  • Businesses in Canada can use this app if they have installed it upon an invitation directly from a supplier who is based in Canada and sells products in CAD.
  • Shopify Collective for retailers

    Shopify Collective for suppliers

    As a retailer, you can grow customer carts and increase profit by selling products imported from other Shopify stores. There is no need for inventory investment, and you can double sales with complementary products.

    Benefits & Features


    Merchants can connect with other Shopify stores to explore potential partnerships and increase sales.

    Virtual Inventory Management:

    Inventory and prices are automatically synced with suppliers, so there is no need to restock the inventory physically.

    Cost Efficiency:

    Shopify Collective can reduce inventory costs and minimize financial commitments associated with stocking new products.

    Seamless Checkout Experience:

    With Shopify Collective, you can give your customers a smooth checkout process on your store.

    Boost AOV:

    More products lead to more carts, which can increase your profit margins by 20 – 40%.

    Streamlined fulfillment:

    Orders, tracking numbers, and shipping notifications auto-sync, for seamless customer experiences, and total brand control.

    Automatic payments:

    With Shopify payments, you can pay to suppliers automatically when they ship your orders with no fees.

    Shopify Collective for suppliers

    Shopify Collective for suppliers

    Get visibility by top US retailers and sell your products to them who are looking for complementary products to sell. Once you have connected with the retailers, you can share them your product prices along with discounts, if any. This can boost your sales and drive revenue.

    Benefits & Features

    Make connections:

    Get visibility through Collective’s discovery experience and connect with retailers within minutes.

    Sync products:

    Use price lists to tailor collections of products for particular retailers to import and sell. Feature the pricing and profit margins you decide.

    Ship on demand:

    Boost your reach by shipping directly to your retailer’s customers, eliminating inventory risk and cash flow worries.

    Virtual inventory syncing:

    Automatically adjust your product details, inventory, and prices synced to your retailer’s Shopify store theme.


    Auto sync orders, tracking numbers, and supply chain control for better customer experience.

    Automatic payments:

    Do fast automatic payments by retailers when you ship orders to their customers.

    How to install the Shopify Collective Sales Channel

    Shopify Collective will be free to use for those stores in the USA that are eligible.

  • From the Shopify Collective landing page, click the Get Supplier app.
  • Accept an invitation to connect or a pricing request from a retailer already using Shopify Collective.
  • Install the Shopify Collective sales channel using a direct invitation sent to you by Shopify.
  • How to install the Shopify Collective

  • Upon receiving the invitation email from Shopify Collective, click “Install Shopify Collective.
  • Log in to your Shopify account.
  • If applicable, choose the specific store where you wish to install the sales channel.
  • Click on “Add sales channel.”
  • Once the Shopify Collective sales channel is installed, you can invite retailers to connect with your business. On top of that, on Shopify Collective, you can generate a price list.


    In conclusion, Shopify Collective emerges as a game-changer for online businesses, presenting many opportunities for retailers and suppliers within the Shopify platform. Rolled out as part of the Summer 2023 update, this innovative feature revolutionizes how Shopify stores operate, offering seamless connectivity and unprecedented potential for growth.

    Whether you’re a retailer looking to diversify your product offerings or a supplier seeking new distribution channels, Shopify Collective presents a world of possibilities for transforming your online store and thriving in the digital marketplace. So, embrace the future of e-commerce with Shopify Collective and take your business to new heights of success.

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