How to Hide Pages From Shopify Search Using Metafields

To hide pages from shopify search, you want to expand custom fields to manage content visibility. Setting up particular values to the metafields allows you to determine which pages should be excluded from search results.

This process allows you to run a targeted campaign and provide access to specific content only via direct links without complex coding or risking your store integrity.

What is Shopify Search, and How to Hide Pages from Shopify Search?

This is your store’s door, allowing customers to find and explore pages effortlessly.
It works like an online shop, helping visitors find what they want. There are various ways to hide pages from shopify search results. Learning to control page and product visibility in search is critical to managing the customer experience.

You will see how to hide pages on Shopify search results using Shopify metafields, which display pages to exclude.

For example, to hide products on Shopify, create a product page and set it hidden from search results. Follow this step-by-step process to find your goals.

Creating Metafields for Pages

1. Navigate to the online store > custom data > pages.
2. Navigate to the Metafields: Click on add definition, e.g. product metafield definition, and put a name something like “Hide Product from Search Functionality”. Set the namespace to “seo”, the key to “hidden”, and Choose a type like “integer”.

Creating Metafields for Pages

Assign Metafields to Specific Pages

1. Navigate to the online store > pages.
2. Click on the page you want to exclude from the search. (E.g. Product Page).
3. Navigate the metafield block and find the “Hide product from search functionality” metafield. Add the value “1” to hide the product and the value “0” to keep the product in the search results.

Assign Metafields to Specific Pages

4. Check all the changes and save.
5. Now, go with the store’s search page and look for content that should be excluded. You can effectively hide products from shopify search results using this method.

Learn more about Shopify metafields guide: overview, types, manage 2.0 metafields.

Hide Pages from Shopify Search: How Does It Work?

Hide Pages from Shopify Search

Here are the approaches that we have covered below:

1. Content Indexing:

  • It sets templates of all content that can be searched within the store.
  • It stores products, pages, collections, and articles, showing the latest search results.
  • 2. Show Results:

  • It depends on the latest types of content that display the search result page.
  • This is set by customization or liquid form.
  • 3. Search Process:

  • This process is used to control the relevance of search results.
  • This process ranks the results by keys such as keyword-matching product popularity and customer behaviour.
  • 4. Search Query Processing:

  • When customers are welcome to the shop and find any type of product, ensure that Shopify examines the query to find matches within the shop-indexed content.
  • The search system shows relevant results by looking at product names, tags, SKUs, and other details.
  • Benefits of Shopify Search

    If you get the fast information, here are some benefits you might be able to read:

    Improve User Experience

    It offers various options and expectations. It also offers flexible ways to find product information and improve the overall customer experience.

    SEO Advantage

    Gathering internal search data is key to improving product listings and content and increasing the store’s visibility on search engines.

    Customization Flexibility

    Because your search will be specifically Customized, the search functionality and results page allow store owners to adapt the search experience according to their brand identity and business theory.

    Wrapping Up

    It is tricky to hide specific items via technical steps, but it could be effective for finding particular solutions.

    This process is beneficial because search results perform like hidden stones for your visitor. It helps ensure customers see only the most specific pages and products, enhancing their experience with focused page and product displays.


    1. What are the benefits of hiding product or page search results from shopify?
    There are more benefits, like keeping the items safe until they are ready to live.

    2. What value should I use in the Metafields to hide pages from shopify search results?
    If we add a value “1”, that shows the items will be hidden; if we add “0” or blank, that shows the pages will be visible from search results,

    3. Will hiding products from my shopify search affect my SEO?
    No, actually hiding products from search results does not affect SEO.

    4. How are metafields used to hide items? Do you need coding skills?
    If we edit any kind of template, the coding knowledge is clear. Yes, there are various apps and customization that can help us.


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