Shopify Product Page: Add Customization for Custom Products

Do you think it’s difficult to sell custom products? I would say, it’s not. But it can be difficult if the custom products are not well represented on your online store. A well-customized product page makes your store unique and trustworthy, thus easy to remember by the site visitors. Therefore, you need Shopify product page customization to upgrade the default look.

Shopify Product Page

Shopify offers a great way to show your products – all thanks to the 2.0 theme editor that allows you to work with different sections in the page template. Using these Shopify sections, you can customize your product page up to some extend without using third-party Shopify apps.

Designing a custom product page or building a custom webpage can be tricky for most store owners who are not good at coding. If you are one of them, continuing reading this article will help you add customization to the Shopify product page.

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Custom Product Page in Shopify

Customizing the default page template for any product applies to all the products in the store. Therefore, before you customize your default product page template, it is advisable to create a custom product page.

Then you can add custom fields, sections, or blocks to the custom page so you don’t regret losing default settings. Also, you can use different templates for different categories of products.

How to Add Customization on Shopify Product Page

Whether you hold custom products or not, you must get better representations for your products for higher conversion rates. Personalized product pages not only add value to your products but also take your brand to the next level.

Let’s see how to add customization to build high converting Shopify product page.

Adding Custom Fields on Product Page

You may need to add custom fields to collect more product information from your customers. You can add as many custom form fields to your product page using the Shopify UI Elements Generator tool.

Steps to add Custom Fields on Shopify Product Page

  1. Open the Shopify UI Elements Generator.
  2. Select the type of form element from the Type of form field drop-down menu. This will automatically generate the HTML code for each form field you want to add to your product page.
  3. Copy the generated code.
  4. Create a custom product page template and section.
  5. In the custom product section file, search for type=”submit” to find the Add to Cart button, where the form ends.
  6. Paste the code in a new line between the <form> and </form> tags.
  7. Save the changes.

App Recommendations:

Adding Size Chart to Product Page

add size chart to product page in shopify

You can add a size chart to your Shopify product page in many ways such as:

  1. Adding a size chart image in the product media.
  2. Placing a size chart image in the product description.
  3. Show size chart in a pop-up (using pop-up block in Shopify 2.0 themes).
  4. Show size chart in the accordion (collapsible tab).

App Recommendations:

Adding Reviews to Product Page

For showing reviews on your product page, you must have a Shopify review app installed in your store.

add product review to shopify

Steps to add Reviews on Shopify Product Page

  1. Choose the best review app from the Shopify app store.
  2. Add the app to your store.
  3. Configure the review app as per your store needs.

You can also add ratings to the product page using the “product rating” block in Shopify 2.0 themes.

App Recommendations:

Add Trust Badges to Product Page

You can add value to your products by adding trust badges to your Shopify product page. See how to display trust badges using Shopify metafields without using apps.

add trust badges to product page in shopify

App Recommendations:

Add Tabs to Product Page

With Shopify 2.0 themes, you can now add tabs/accordions to your product page without coding or third-party apps.

add tabs to product page in shopify

Steps to add Reviews on Shopify Product Page

  1. Open the theme editor from your Shopify store admin.
  2. Go to the Product page template by selecting Products > Default product.
  3. In the Product Information section, click on Add block and select the “Collapsible tab” block.

App Recommendations:

Add Estimated Delivery Date to Product Page

You can either show the estimated delivery date on the product page or allow your customers to pick the delivery date and time from the calendar. See how to add estimated delivery date using script. If you are not comfortable with coding, you can find the Shopify delivery date apps below.

add estimated delivery date to product page in shopify

App Recommendations:

Shopify Product Page Examples for Custom Products

Here are the 10 best examples of the impressive Product page in Shopify you can get. If you have custom products, you should aim for high conversion product pages like these.


Niche: Clothing & Fashion business

shopify product page example

Go to Product Page

Poly & Bark

Niche: Home Decor & Furniture business


Go to Product Page


Niche: Body Care & Hygiene business


Go to Product Page

Pip Snacks

Niche: Food & Beverages business


Go to Product Page

Lindsay Letters

Niche: Art & Painting


Go to Product Page

The Citizenry

Niche: Home Decor & Furniture business


Go to Product Page


Niche: Art & Painting


Deny Designs

Niche: Home Decor & Furniture business


Go to Product Page

Luxy Hair

Niche: Beauty & Health business


Go to Product Page

Nona Drinks

Niche: Food & Beverages business


Go to Product Page

Best Shopify Apps for Custom Products

Let’s see the most reliable Shopify apps, you can add to your store to build high conversion product pages for custom products.

Bold Product Options

bold product options shopify app

Bold Product Options lets you add any number of product options or custom fields to create an ideal shopping experience for your customers. Don’t wish to show all the options at once? With Bold Product Options, you can use conditional logic to show or hide options based on what is (or isn’t) selected.

You can also charge your customers for selecting extra services like monograms, engraving, or gift wrapping through your options.

Key Features: 

  • Build a custom order form using flexible options to provide a quote.
  • Allow customers to upload custom designs, mockups, photos, and logos, including robust file sizes.
  • Access customer uploads and custom field info right from the Shopify order screen to make fulfillment easy.
  • Let customers edit their options in the cart for a smooth and easy checkout.
  • Customize the app to match your site’s branding using CSS.
  • Create option sets and apply them to multiple products.

Globo Color Swatch

globo color swatches shopify app

Globo Color Swatch is a Shopify app that you can use to display insightful color swatch options for your products. Unlike other custom product apps, this Shopify app helps you display the product variants on both the collection page, homepage along with product pages so that your customers can quickly purchase right there.

With Globo Color Swatch, you also get 4 pre-set templates and customizable options to style your product options.

Key Features: 

  • Upload image file to show custom image swatch options.
  • Drag and drop to arrange the product option order.
  • Upload custom images and color swatches in bulk in a snap of time.
  • Choose one among 3 options out-of-stock variants

Product Tabs & Size Chart

powr product tabs shopify app

Product Tabs & Size Chart helps you to add extra product details to your product page in an organized way. This will save your customer’s time in scrolling down a non-ending page to access important product information.

With this app, you can display product listings, size charts, return policies, and product info with fully customizable navigation tabs.

Key Features: 

  • Use vertical or horizontal tabs layout, adjust Tabs background color, borders, fonts, and more.
  • Use HTML to display videos, tables, and other custom content within your tabs.
  • Tabs supports text in any language.
  • Add custom CSS or JavaScript to Tabs for further customization.
  • Tabs are mobile responsive on any device.

Custom Product Builder

custom product builder customization tool shopify app

Custom Product Builder not only offers product options or variants for your custom product but also helps you accept customized products by your customers. You can allow your customer to enter text (including curved text), upload images, and preview the design with pre-defined positions.

Key Features: 

  • Take wholesale purchase orders with different sizes, models, colors.
  • Offer price discounts based on the volume purchased.
  • Set a deposit % amount of the total product price to be charged at the checkout.
  • Add date & time picker to allow customers to select Pickup time.
  • Display product price based on width, height, the weight of material: fabric, stone, glass, etc.

Personalized Image Uploader

personalized image uploader shopify app

If you have custom products that need customers to upload their photos to personalize their order, here is the perfect Shopify app for your needs: Personalized Image Uploader. Using this app, you can make the product customization process easy and stress-free for your customers.

Key Features: 

  • Get unlimited image uploads.
  • Access uploaded image file links attached to orders from the Admin Panel.
  • Customize the image with image file cropping and rotation.
  • Set minimum file dimensions for upload.
  • Let customers add optional text messages with each uploaded photo.
  • Customize the file upload button to match your store theme.
  • Allow image cropping with circle shapes.

Wrapping Up!

The custom product page helps you attract more customers. Hope this article helped you learn how to add customization on Shopify product page. For more helpful articles, explore our blog section.

Need help with some other topics? Please mention them in the comment box. I would love to find solutions and update you on upcoming articles.


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  1. Hi Sagarika!

    Thanks so much for this detailed guide, it’s so helpful! I’d like to add a custom field on some of my products and have followed all your steps, but I am using the Retina theme and there is no code that says type=”submit” or and in any of my product in any of my product templates or sections (both the customizable and original ones). Is this something you know how to work around?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Please contact Shopify support team for this as we have limited solutions.

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