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By using the best Shopify apps, your internet corporation has the potential to transform from plain to fabulous. Integrating your app is a fantastic strategy to increase revenue, streamline customer support, and provide a better purchasing experience for your consumers. The good news is that Shopify’s vast app store has hundreds of apps that can be useful for growing your business.

It may be a huge undertaking to try to figure out which of all the app ideas would be the greatest fit for your store. Here we’ll examine some of the best Shopify apps and how they may help your business expand.

1. iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

icart shopify upsell app

Elevate your customers’ shopping experience by offering targeted upsells right from the cart drawer, cart popup or cart page. With iCart, you can show upsell, cross-sell, bundle, progress bar, discount, free gift, etc. You can customize the cart based on your needs. With iCart, you can increase sales and AOV easily.


  • Create tailor-made upselling and cross-selling offers to increase AOV.
  • Drag and drop customizable cart drawer, cart popup and cart page builder that fit your theme.
  • Prompt users by cart progress bar with free gift, discount cart, and free shipping.
  • Offer bundle products with discounts and double profit.
  • Advanced analytics to check the performance of iCart in your store.
  • 2. Keeper

    Keeper shopify app

    Almost 70% of people who shop online end up not buying anything! A large portion of the budget was underutilized. The fact is that most people browse many times a day on their phones before actually buying anything.

    Customers often start their online purchases on desktop computers, place items in virtual shopping carts, and then choose to pay using their mobile devices because they already have their credit card information on file.

    Keeper syncs a customer’s shopping cart across all of their devices. Since it is less of a hassle for clients to complete their purchases, you should expect a rise in sales.


  • All devices should be equally capable of allowing customers to complete their purchases.
  • A decrease will be seen in your store’s abandoned cart rate.
  • Raising your average order value.
  • 3. Route

    Route shopify app

    The only way to satisfy today’s demanding customers is to be totally forthright.
    After completing a purchase, consumers often wonder when they may expect to get their item(s), what the current status of their shipment is, and how long it will be before they receive an update on the projected delivery date. Now, it’s within reach, thanks to Route’s 24/7 package monitoring and order protection.

    Customers may choose for Green Package Protection for an extra fee of up to 2% of the total value. After that, Route will calculate the client’s carbon footprint and figure out how to compensate for it, so the shipment is carbon neutral.


  • Cut down on support costs, time spent addressing claims, and customer annoyance.
  • Allow your customers to feel comfortable and assured during the purchasing process.
  • Personalize your experience with the brand at every stage, from browsing to delivery.
  • Raise the standard for acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers.
  • Help keep the environment safe while conducting business.
  • 4. Printful

    Printful shopify app

    Dropshipping and print-on-demand services are made easier with Printful. There is no need to stockpile items before a customer places an order with Printful. On the other hand, you may have your products printed one at a time. Then, because Printful sends orders directly from their warehouse, you’ll never have to handle the item again.

    Anyone looking to open an internet shop will find it to be an ideal setting. Art prints, mugs, and T-shirts are just a few examples of the high-quality things you may sell on Printful.

    Is there a standout feature of Printful? No particular knowledge or skill is required to make aesthetically pleasing things. Printful has built-in tools that you may use to create your own designs, product mockups, and logos.


  • You will only ever be charged after your order is received by Printful. They never charge you in advance.
  • As the product is sent under your brand, the customer will never know that Printful was the fulfilment service.
  • The idea of customizing packaging to raise awareness of a brand is being considered.
  • 5. Shogun

    Shogun shopify app

    The ease with which anybody may start up a business is one of the several benefits of Shopify. Beyond the basic package, Shogun Landing Page Builder will boost your shop’s appearance and make it stand out.

    Shogun is a powerful landing page builder with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It’s easy to learn and use. Whether you’re a design novice or an expert, this tool will help you create a landing page that looks great and loads fast.

    Shogun considers the number of customers who use their mobile devices to make purchases while they are on the go. Because of this, they feature mobile-friendly page layouts.


  • Effortless page builder with a library of drag-and-drop elements
  • Designers with more experience may build their own components using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML/Liquid.
  • Put your own spin on your blog articles, collections, and projects.
  • Conclusion

    Whether you need interactive pop-ups, website builders, email marketing tools, or drop-shipping services, the list of Shopify apps provided above should be more than enough to fulfil your e-commerce company needs. You may read descriptions or visit the Shopify sites of the apps if you want to learn more about them and their potential advantages.

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