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If you wish to offer discount pricing to your selected customer then Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing is a great Shopify app to do so.

As a store owner, you should need to set distinctive prices for various customers. Customer loyalty just means more sales after all.

Your Regular and Loyal Customers like it when you as the store owner sees their significance and give them perks and benefits that different customers don’t have. By setting an exceptional purchase price for certain customers, is the greatest step towards customer personalization for any store and we all know the significance of customer personalization in the present competitive world.

Key Features of Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing

  • Set the diverse price for every customer
  • No point limit to customer-price combines that the store owner can add
  • Several pricing tiers for bulk purchases
  • If a price is not arranged for a client, the default price has appeared
  • Provide a discount to guest customer/visitor
  • Offer flat rate custom product prices discounts to clients
  • Works with Simple and alternative products
  • Displaying prices just to the logged-in customers
  • Tier pricing model
  • The extension is quite simple to install and utilize

Some useful functionalities of Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing App

  • Customer wise unique price: Set a single price for every customer
  • Create price slabs for bulk: Make estimating pricing slabs for bulk product purchase
  • Flat discount for your product: Flat discount for your ease of use

You should need to give particular existing customers an improved pricing choice over others.

For instance, if a particular cup costs $15 you should need to sell the cup to a specific customer from the list of existing customers for $10.

Additionally, tier pricing helps greatly, when setting merchandise prices according to the quantity purchased by a solitary customer.

Aside from indicating special rates and discounts for individual customers. This promotes your other products, yet additionally gives them a sense of being esteemed and increases their support. Additionally, the capacity to offer exceptional rates and discounts to singular customers can help inspire your guest customers to transform into regular customers.

Furthermore, Identix provides Live chat after installation of App and you will also be provided a live demo of the Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing Application.

Identix provides 7 days free trial, so take benefit of the app and enjoy the app and offer discount pricing to your selected customers by using this Shopify app and email us if you want custom programming or design for Shopify stores.


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