How to offer the best shopping cart experience in your Shopify store

Providing a better shopping cart experience for your customers is a straightforward challenge. One of the main keys to success is also the decrease in cart abandonment by giving the best shopping cart experience. Here are the best tips that help to improve your shopping cart.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is everything. Even if you sell a wide range of products, and offer a great look in your store by giving many testimonials, the customer always likes a straightforward shopping process. That is browse products, add to cart, and checkout.

Asking for a lot of data to complete an order, and a complicated checkout process, all such things make a customer impatient, and the chances of leaving the cart without purchasing anything are also high.


So it’s better to offer a simple and clear cart experience instead of giving too many choices and a complicated checkout process.

Place your shopping cart visible

For online shopping, the most important phase is the cart. Have you ever thought about how uncomfortable it may feel for a customer when they browse products in your store and every time they need to go up for adding products to the cart? Yes, it may so to avoid this it is better to place a sticky cart on your store which will always be visible on your store even though customers may scroll down the page.


To do this you can take the help of any readymade Shopify app like iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell which will help you to design a sticky cart drawer.

Give optional choice to register

The initial step of registering may be beneficial for consumers but remember it may not be the initial intention of a customer. Their main objective is to buy, not to register. So by giving them a form to fill you are like placing an obstacle for their shopping process. So it’s better to ask them later instead of asking before the purchase.


The best strategy that you can apply for this is to send an email later. And you can tell them to subscribe to know about upcoming offers or discounts.

Make the checkout process simple

One of the main reasons behind abandoning carts is the complicated checkout process. Many people tell the same reason for leaving the shopping cart abandoned. For that, you need to know the eCommerce checkout process best practices. Always try to provide one-step checkout.


Try to reduce the number of steps and elements that can add complexity to the checkout process. This will allow you to reduce cart abandonment in your store, thus generating more sales and customer satisfaction.

Simplify the process of filling forms

Sensitive data such as payment method, the shipping address cannot be omitted. By simplifying the form filling process you can offer a simple shopping process for your customers. However there is a limit to making the checkout process simple so leave the important information like payment method, billing information, or shipping address as it is stored in the customer database.



So now when you have the best tips in your hands you can start applying them in your store and provide the best shopping cart experience for your valuable customers.

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