How to get more Shopify product reviews on Shopify store

How to get more Shopify product reviews on Shopify store

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Product reviews are the most credible type of marketing to increase e-commerce sales. Most of the customers purchase products only after seeing the online reviews as it directly influences their decision to make a purchase.

Customer reviews can greatly impact the customer buying journey. Having lots of customer reviews on your store is an awesome way to boost on-page conversions.

How can I get more reviews on my store?

Today’s customers want to know that other people are buying your products and they need genuine product reviews, both good and bad. So let’s see a few simple steps that will help you to get more reviews on your online store.

Make a simple process for submitting a review

There is nothing annoying than visiting a site and getting confused on certain pages. In this case, there is a high possibility to leave the site without completing any action. Similarly, if we take this case, it’s about making it simple for customers to leave their product reviews.


Complicated forms with too many questions will discourage customers. So you need to make the process simple, leaving links to product pages on relevant pages. Keep it short and sweet so that the process becomes easy and convenient for customers who come to your store for purchasing.

Email your customers

Don’t miss the chance to take reviews from your customers. Grab more reviews from them by sending emails. Set up automatic review request emails to customers once they have received their order. This email will nudge them to share their experience with the product that they have bought from your store.


Give rewards for submitting reviews

If you run a loyalty program then you can give points to the customers when they leave a review. Giving rewards is a great way to incentivize customers to take the desired action. Having a loyalty program would keep your customers connected building a relationship. Also, this will encourage them to shop next time.

Loyalty programs build credibility so let your customers get earn the rewards by leaving reviews.

Give them order delivery date choice

Every customer likes the concept of getting an option to select their desired date and time for getting their orders delivered. But the main fact is that not everybody gives that option or they don’t get that option most of them while they are shopping.

But no need to worry you can install the Delivery Date & Store Pickup app and allow your customers to choose their custom delivery date and time. Also, you can manage it easily without any coding knowledge.


By using it you can reduce 50% of cart abandonment and it will make customers satisfied so they will move on to leave their beautiful experiences or reviews. Also, you can provide them various payment options to make them more convenient like Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, etc.

Set up product recommendations

Product recommendations are a great way to re-engage your customers to shopping from your store again. While sending them emails asking for product reviews, don’t forget them to show product recommendations. By doing this will help to encourage them for more purchasing and recommendations to their friend or relatives if they are in need too.

Show your total review score

Showing your total review score is the best way to make your customer’s minds tend to buy products from your store. Most of the customers buy products after seeing the reviews of the previous customers who have already purchased from your store.

Show your total review score

They will see their experience with the products and after seeing it they will come to a conclusion whether to buy the product or not. So it’s really important to show your total review score on your store.

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