Shopify Profit Tracking App

Do you run a large online store on Shopify and unable to track and manage your store’s profit? No need to worry, we have listed the best Shopify profit-tracking apps to analyze your store’s data easily.

BeProfit: Profit Analytics


BeProfit is the best profit calculating tool in Shopify. The dashboard in this app offers a financial profit calculator with various detailed charts and reports to help you analyze your store performance. The app integrates with many ad channels and shipping providers to serve the merchants with a complete view of their business finance.

Main Features

  • Discover your real profit at a glance
  • Create, schedule, and export custom reports
  • Auto-sync all your ad platforms and shipping providers
  • Gain marketing performance insights
  • Analyze CLV by cohorts

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Best Shopify Profit Tracking App to Analyse your Store’s Performance

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