3 Best Ways To Make Customers fall in love with your Shopify Store

We all are in such a crisis that is getting worse day by day. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has become a challenging situation for each of us and isolation and social distancing measures have been put in place. This social distancing has made a drastic change in shopping behavior too. Most of the store owners have come to the final decision to put the Shopify store on hold. But what about your customers?

Do you think that they would come back after re-opening your store? Don’t worry we will tell you how to put your Shopify store on vacation.

Attract your customers with the coming soon page

Install the Under Construction Coming Soon app and show your customers that you are temporarily out of service with an attractive design and countdown timer. This can save you from letting go of your valuable customers to another brand. Instead, they will wait for your products and come back when you reopen your store.


This app comes with readymade templates seasonal wise and festival wise. You can customize by adding unlimited widgets like a header section, free text editor, email marketing, social media, footer, and many more. No need for code to customize, you can easily give a cool look to your coming soon page.

How does COVID-19 have a major impact on eCommerce?

Online shopping is booming now during this pandemic. Most of the stores have been closed and asking consumers to adopt eCommerce as an alternative option. If you don’t have a Shopify store and are willing to create an online store on Shopify then read this step-by-step guide. But at the same time, stores are missing the point of social distancing or can’t able to manage orders.

Are you suffering from order management?

Install the Order Delivery Date and let your customers choose the desired date that they want to get their order delivered. This can help to manage your orders by maintaining social distancing.

Because you can set the time slot as you want, when a customer comes for shopping this can reduce the chance of collision and you can easily maintain a time slot for each of the customers. Also, they will be happier with your service which results in 100% customer satisfaction.

How you can manage and grow your eCommerce business during this pandemic?

After creating the online store you are completed with your task. There are many more things to attract your customers and keep them happy during this COVID-19 crisis. Below are a few steps regarding how to make money during the coronavirus.

Promote gift cards

Keeping a gift card will surely bring customers back to your business. Until the crisis, you can stay afloat with gift cards. And for other strategies, you can even collaborate with other local businesses and can use the opportunities of marketing through different ways to acquire new customers.

After all, you should keep a digital gift card program to include in your social media and email marketing campaigns to maintain social distancing.


Give an option of pre-order

As this crisis is very much tight for both customers and store owners this strategy will help to save money and get benefits for both of you. You can ask customers to pre-order the products either by giving some discount or the full amount using the Order Delivery Date app to maintain social distancing.

This app will help to manage the time slot you need and let customers choose their desired date and time to get their products delivered.


Give a discount for underperforming products

Every company will have one or the other items which will be not in demand at a particular time. It may due to their heavy cost or if they are in no need of those products. So you can have discounts for those products which will let customers buy them and at the same time, you can increase the revenue too.



Over the coming week, let us see the best in both the economy and health. It will be our aim to bring together the best practices and serve all customers as well as other store owners by sharing ideas and benefits for each other. Let’s maintain social distancing and deliver the best for our customers in this pandemic.

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