How do product tags help boost SEO of your Shopify store

What is a product tag?

Product tags are descriptors that describe the features and characteristics of a specific product to organize and track its performance. Product tags contain keywords and the tags will always be unique from each other, no two products can be the same.

For example, footwear can be defined by its size, material, brand, color, etc.


Importance of product tags on online store

Lots of store owners are concerned about how it will boost the seo of their store. Many of them don’t consider product tags as important. Product tags will help to keep the products and collections well organized. If your product tags on the product page are linked to your collection pages then it also boosts the SEO of your store. If your product description page contains the product tags then they can become page content that Google will read.


Having a product tag on your store not only helps keep products organized, and makes inventory tracking easier but is also a great marketing tool for your online store. When a customer arrives at your store they often look at the product tag to know more about the product.

Having a product tag in your store will help to find something more quickly and increase the cart value. If you have added a product tag in your store then the search will return any results matching the tag.

The other way you can get results is through URLs. You can browse the collection with tags that will show a URL. You can use keywords in the URLs which is also a ranking element. But make sure that all your tags must be identical for all pages so that Google.



Compared with offline shopping the behavior of online shopping is also the same so here also the product tags help your customers to browse the products easily for what they are looking for. Having a product tag on your store will help to drive the engagement rate along with an increase in cart value.

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