5 Best Shopify Subscription Apps for your Shopify store

Among many sales-driving strategies, one of the most effective ones is giving subscriptions to your products. Through subscriptions, your customers can benefit from getting consistent subscriptions on the products that they buy regularly.

Giving subscriptions to your Shopify store benefits both store owners and customers. But you may be stuck for a moment thinking about how to create a subscription on the Shopify store, right? No need to worry about this as there are many Shopify subscription apps. But you may be confused to pick the right one for your store or searching for the best subscription apps. That’s why we have listed the top 5 best apps in this blog that helps you to generate recurring revenue.

Ultimate Subscriptions

ultimate subscriptions

Ultimate Subscriptions app allows your customers to subscribe to the products they might need regularly at a better price and can save them time as every time they don’t need to come again and again on site and place the order. With the Ultimate Subscriptions app, you can provide a hassle-free purchasing experience for your customers through daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions.

You can track the analytics of your subscriptions, customers, and revenue, and track your product on the dashboard. This app works only with Shopify payment as your payment gateway.


  • Real-time analytics of your subscriptions, customers, and revenue, and tracking your product performance.
  • Recurring payment option available on the product page.
  • Easy to buy

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Bold Subscriptions


If you want to give your customers a seamless experience and satisfaction at the checkout then Bold Subscriptions is the best app. Bold Subscriptions is another popular app to create a subscription offering flexibility for your customers. You can create subscriptions that match the strategy of your store. The bold Subscription app is completely integrated with the Shopify payment and uses powerful APIs.


  • Increase conversions and save discounts
  • Set several subscription intervals
  • Allow customers the flexibility to manage upcoming orders
  • Seamless checkout experience
  • Powerful integrations
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Top-rated support

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Recharge Subscriptions


Recharge Subscriptions is another best Shopify apps to manage subscriptions on your Shopify store for your customers. With this app, you can create brand loyalty and reduce customer churn in your store and give your customers more options by creating a seamless experience for your customers.


  • Quickly enable subscription offers
  • Increase lifetime value & customer management
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Measure performance & optimize your business

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Seal Subscriptions


Seal Subscriptions will help you to start your subscription business and increase your revenue with auto-charging subscriptions and recurring orders. This app allows your customers to select the subscription duration. Apart from this customers can make convenient recurring payments with more than 100 payment gateways on Shopify.


  • Inventory forecasting
  • View upcoming renewals
  • Automatic product swap
  • Reschedule/skip billing attempts
  • Set the day of week/ month when you want to charge your subscribers
  • Change discount automatically after a specific number of payments
  • Pre-paid auto-charging subscriptions
  • Auto-charging mode
  • Recurring invoices mode
  • Migrating from other platforms
  • Allows mixed subscriptions in the same cart
  • Gives customers a discount when they subscribe
  • Uses Shopify’s checkout process
  • No customer registration needed
  • Remove and add products to subscriptions
  • Send email notifications to your customers

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PayWhirl Subscription Payments


PayWhirl subscription Payments make it easy to create, manage, and sell subscriptions through Shopify’s native checkout. With PayWhirl + Shopify, your customers will be able to log in and manage their information, see their subscription billing history, and make changes to their accounts. PayWhirl allows customers to add or remove payment plans, and update their stored cards on file, addresses, and profile info associated with their subscriptions.


  • Bill customers weekly, monthly, annual, etc. (automatic billing)
  • Save customer payment methods (credit & debit cards)
  • Subscription discount options (subscribe & save)
  • Works with Shopify checkout, no redirects off-site
  • Integrates with Shopify product pages
  • Process recurring payments automatically
  • Automatic dunning & failed payment management
  • Customer and admin notification system
  • Uses Shopify customer accounts (single sign-on)
  • Customers can manage their subscriptions, credit cards & info
  • Flexible & automatic order generation
  • Customizable design (integrates directly with your theme)
  • Built for mobile compatibility
  • White label widgets & control your branding
  • Works with Shopify’s built-in reports
  • Enable/disable customer features
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • 14 days free trial with all features

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BONUS: Subscriber Subscriptions


Subscriber subscription is a vital Shopify subscription app that includes frequent discounts, easy recurring payments, and useful data! It generates more money by enticing customers with discounts to place repeat orders on products they enjoy. Every product or product collection can be turned into a subscription, allowing customers to order it again and over again.


  • Easily create custom subscriptions on behalf of customers
  • You can provide different billing options to customers
  • Automated billing attempt
  • Option for customers to manage subscriptions
  • No-code theme set up within minutes
  • Notification for failed and successful billing attempts
  • All specified taxes and shipping rates are applied automatically based on your Shopify store settings and are always up-to-date

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As we know, choosing the right apps from thousands of apps can be a daunting task. So for you, this article was written and I hope now you can easily choose the right app for your business and start the subscription model.

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