Top Free WooCommerce Upsell Plugins to 10x Your Sales

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Top 5 Free WooCommerce Upsell Plugins to 10x Your Sales

‘Upselling’ – I know how crucial this word is for you! For the people who belong to eCommerce, upselling is the bloodline of their online stores. If you are a new WooCommerce store owner, here you can understand the importance of upselling and best free WooCommerce upsell and cross-sell plugins to skyrocket your sales.

What is Upselling?

Upselling is a ‘sales strategy‘ in which the seller offers additional benefits to the customers on their sale to encourage them to buy more products or services.

Why is Upselling so Important?

Day by day customers is becoming smarter. Therefore, you also need smarter techniques to persuade them to purchase more with you. And upselling or cross-selling can be the best fit for your need.

With upsell and cross-sell, you can give offers or incentives to convince your shoppers to spend more on their purchases. Thus, it helps you to increase the Average Order Value (AOV) of your store. Here are some more benefits of using upselling or cross-selling.


Benefits of Upsell or Cross-sell

  • Helps in clearing dead or slow-moving product/stock
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Boosts your store revenue
  • Optimizes the value of every sale
  • Strengthens customer relationships
  • Secures customer loyalty
  • Promotes your new product or services

Do you want to add upsell or cross-sell to your WordPress eCommerce website? Explore the 5 best free WooCommerce upsell plugins in the next section.

Best Free WooCommerce Upsell Plugins

Here are the best WooCommerce upsell plugins you can add to your store freely and test your strategies.

Best Upsell for WooCommerce


Best Upsell is the replica of the iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell Shopify app developed by Identixweb. With Best Upsell for WooCommerce, you can provide the best product for upselling to your customer, based on the items they have in their cart.

Highlighting Features

  • Add multiple product upsells in Cart Items & Checkout widgets
  • Place multiple Checkout buttons with product upsells
  • Allow customers to apply coupon/discount codes in their shopping cart
  • Add the “Continue Shopping” button to the cart
  • Offer different discount offers in their shopping cart
  • Customize the text size, color, background color, icon color, etc.
  • Track the performance of the plugin and its widgets
  • Add a sticky cart bubble to your WooCommerce store
  • Save time and effort by using a ready-made cart template
  • Create mobile-friendly templates for your shopping cart

What’s included in Free Version?

  • Unlimited Store Orders
  • Cart Items Widget
  • Checkout Button Widget
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Inbuilt Cart template
  • Support And Updates
  • Visual theme builder

Demo  Download


One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce

one click upsell funnel

One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce plugin allows the merchants to create post-purchase upsell and cross-sell offers. Customers can add these upsell products in just one click to their cart with no hassle of re-entering the payment details.

Highlighting features

  • Unlimited Post-Purchase Funnels
  • Control Customer Behaviour using Additional Offers
  • Smart Offer Upgrades
  • Create Global Funnels
  • Pre-built Mobile Responsive/Optimized Templates
  • Smart Skip Offer
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Exclusive One Time Offer
  • Short codes for Upsell Offer
  • Funnel Sandbox mode
  • Integration With Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel
  • Demo  Download

    Carousel Upsells and Related Product


    This WooCommerce upsell plugin gives you the power to upgrade your e-commerce store for a great customer experience. It offers a quick and super easy setup to add a carousel of related products to your store.

    Highlighting Features

    • Replaces the standard output of recommended products with a carousel
    • Loading is very fast
    • Change the titles of the standard sections
    • Enable or disable autoplay
    • Set the time interval for scrolling the carousel
    • Specify the number of products on the carousel
    • Adjust the number of visible products (specify the grid)
    • Specify the number of visible products on mobile and tablets

    This plugin is completely free to use.




    OptinMonster offers you the best popup builder and marketing plugin to help you get more sales and email subscribers to grow your business. With OptinMonster you can create great upsell popups to convert abandoning visitors into your subscribers and customers.

    Highlighting Features

    • Easily create custom popups
    • Create sticky header bars
    • Use smart triggers to always display the right campaign to the right person
    • Use precision targeting to create campaigns
    • Add animation & sound effects to capture users’ attention
    • A/B test popup ideas to increase conversions
    • Get the stats you need to improve your lead generation strategy
    • Create shareable campaign links for social media using MonsterLinks

    What’s included in Free Version?

    • 2 Campaigns
    • Up to 500 campaign impressions in a month
    • Page Level Targeting
    • List Segmentation
    • Subscriber Recognition
    • Success Messages
    • Basic Integrations
    • Simple Reporting
    • OptinMonster University

    Demo  Download

    Popup Maker


    As the plugin name suggests, Popup Maker helps you create many different popups including upselling and cross-selling popups. With this plugin, you can generate sales and also increase your email list for further use.

    Highlighting Features

    • Precision user targeting
    • Visual theme builder
    • Customizable animations
    • Click open popup triggers
    • Enable or disable for Mobile Devices
    • Control popup position & sizing

    What’s included in Free Version?

    Popup Maker comes with a free plan for WooCommerce merchants, where they can create popups and access a limited version of our feature set.

    Demo  Download


    WooCommerce Upsell Popup


    WooCommerce Upsell Popup is a simple and lightweight plugin that helps you create product upsells and cross-sells in your store. It simply allows you to offer product recommendations or show related products to your customers.

    Highlighting Features

    • Create Yes/No popup to show complementary product
    • Use pre-made popup templates or customize and create your own
    • AJAX button
    • Use popup triggers

    What’s included in Free Version?

    WooCommerce Upsell Popup comes with a free version for WooCommerce merchants, where they can create popups and access a limited version of our feature set.

    Demo  Download


    Wrapping Up!

    So, ready to extend your store for 10x sales?

    At the initial stage of your online store, it’s not recommended to add premium plugins and sit back expecting higher results. In the beginning, you need to test what’s actually working for your store and your customers. So, by using free plugins you can save your money from getting wasted in try and error!

    Top Free WooCommerce Upsell Plugins to 10x Your Sales

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