Convert your website’s long, boring URLs with short URL

URL Short Link Generator is the decent Shopify App which will help you to create your long boring URL into a short one. URL short link generator app is helpful for webmasters who are looking to leverage social media.


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URL Short Link Generator

URL short link generator app is helpful for webmasters who are looking to leverage social media. It assists you to create a short version of your URLs that you can share via social media or through verbal
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Project idea

This app uses your complete brand domain within the short link so that your link gets additional clicks.

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Target audience

This app is targeted for all Shopify merchants.

Project challenges

  • There was no analytics in the old app so we faced the challenge of analytics in the new app as part of the update.
  • Also there was an issue in regenerate URL for old users.


We have made an app useful that helped customers to shorten their long URLs. More customers started using this app.



Input data

  • Create new analytical page.
  • Both design and development of product, collection, custom, discount on URL generate page.
  • Polaris & Bootstrap design.


We conducted research on better URL shortner app and related apps for getting more ideas.



  • Highcharts
  • Date range picker

Development process

After all the preparations were completed, our team started working on the project.


Index page

This page will generate short links for the products that you want. You can search the products in the search bar and get short URLs. Along with that you can copy the link and view the analytics also.

URL generate page

URL generate page will help to generate the URLs for the product that you want. You can place your actual URL on the tab and it will generate the short URLs respectively. It will show your actual URL, bitly URL, shop URL, and tiny URL.

Custom url Popup

This page will create the custom url for the product that you need. You can add custom url to and get the short urls of the products.

Technology stack

Our expert team always uses modern and scalable technologies that are implemented for web application projects.