Let customers choose their package delivery date and time

Order Delivery Date helps you make getting the package more real in the eyes of the customer, and get him more likely to buy, by allowing him to choose his custom delivery date for his order.


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Order Delivery Date

Customers can order gifts for their dear ones on special occasions by selecting a date that they want to get their products delivered.
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Project idea

Using this app, you can allow your customers to choose exactly when they want to receive their package while setting up delivery rules that would prevent customers from choosing times at which you can't deliver.

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Target audience

This app is targeted for all Shopify merchants.

Project challenges

At the start we developed using PHP 5.6 version then as part of updating, we used version 7.2. Another problem was to meet the cutoff time. Because some customers said that the cutoff was ok while some others said that it was not ok so confusion leads to some point in the development part.


Finally after all our effort customers were able to shop in real-time choosing their desired date using this app. The result we found was that more customers have been using this app and shopping. Also, our app got 131 reviews.



Input data

  • Date picker
  • Shopify API
  • Order list


We researched what store owners will love and what will be useful for the customers.



  • Polaris design
  • Date picker
  • Google calendar
  • Product calendar
  • Multiple cut-off

Development process

After all the preparations were completed, our team started working on the project.


Front Page

This is the front page which shows the product and its rate. You can select a date from the date picker that you want to get your order delivered. Here you can select the quantity of the product and do checkout.

Backend settings

Here you can set calendar design and format. You can do general settings like date format, time zone, minimum delivery interval days, maximum delivery days, can change calendar background and header color.

Add on

Addon page will show the add ons that you can choose for adding more functionalities to your app based on the requirements giving extra charges. Each add on will be charged separately based on its functionalities.

Technology stack

Our expert team always uses modern and scalable technologies that are implemented for web application projects.